I Ranked EVERY Gambit Against e4 From WORST To BEST

I ranked 98 gambits against e4 from WORST to BEST. You’re welcome.

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  1. great compilation of some gambits for e4. Perhaps a future video on d4 gambits would be great. Thanks

  2. Why is Blachly Gambit (#35) considered a gambit? 🧐

    Amazing stuff as always, Nelson! It's obvious you put a ton of work into this.

    EDIT: Oh man, I was so excited to see what the Oops Gambit was, lol.

  3. This man's hard work and dedication speaks for itself.

  4. I'm confused about the winrate. All the winrates seem extremely high. Does this exclude the possibility of a draw or something?

  5. #70 Baeuerle Gambit ("Bäuerle" with german accents). Is pronounced "Boy-ah-le"

  6. Complete hard work showing off man. Really you're the best 👍💯 thanks a lot brother ❤

  7. Very informative video…!!!! I must say…
    Thanks a lot … 🇵🇭

  8. Where is the Jerome Gambit ? I'm disappointed.

  9. there is another gambit also called the morphy gambit, e4 c5 d4 cxd4 nf3

  10. Not sure if it leads to a big difference, but it might be better to score the games by average score for black rather than win rate. I.e probability of black win minus probability of white win.

  11. Epic video! Excellent, but i just time-warped to last three gambits due to memory overflow 🤪 Brilliant idea!

  12. great video! please can we get one for d4? I feel like d4 gambits are a lot less known

  13. Excellent work, Nelson!!! Now, would you be kind enough to share that spreadsheet with us ? 🤔🤔🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  14. You have WAY too much free time Nelson… Anyways, great video!

  15. #35 is not a gambit, why is is it in here?

  16. Come on, be honest, Nelsi, you didn't rank EVERY e4 gambit. Incredibly popular and successful gambits such as the Stafford and the Viennesse variation (or at least that's what chess сом calls it) of the Salvio Gambit are missing from the video.

    Moreover, a lot of these, such as the Albin-Chatard (4:49) are gambits for White, not for Black.

    Not to mention many of the gambits are explained incorrectly, with the main ideas being misrepresented.

    Not going to lie, I was kind of expecting more. Not to take away from the tremendous amount of effort that you have put in, which I definitely appreciate, and I still found the video instructive even given all the flaws, but I think it would be great if you be upfront about them so we know what to expect.

  17. Nelson, since you asked Baeuerle is pronounced this way: B oi r le (like in pearLEscent). Great video as usual!

  18. Hmm.. I thought the Nr. 1 gambit would have to be the Botez gambit… I guess I was wrong 😋

  19. 28:07 NM Nelson, I actually play the Nimzo-Sicilian as my main Sicilian (it is surprisingly solid and scarcely covered). I have played the Rubinstein Countergambit plenty of times… it's a very sharp line that if white doesn't play the exact move orders to force a draw it is devastating. As black you have to memorize those lines, but it is confirmed by computer competition at all time controls to be legit.

  20. Yet another great video. Thanks!
    Being German myself:
    Baeuerlein (Bäuerlein) is the belittling form of "Bauer", meaning peasant. "Little farmer"

    Bielefeld is a German city. You'd pronounce it somewhat like Beelefelt.


  21. It's pronounced "Baeuerle", not "Baeuerle", "Baeuerle". Simple.

  22. Id really like to see the ones below 1000 games played. I gave this a like.

  23. Brilliant video. Can't wait to get a 200 elo boost just by playing the top gambits

  24. Great video! But I would really love to see a video instead of against e4 opening, we have something like against e4 e5 d4. I think this way is a better learning opportunity for us who don't know how to play against some openings.

  25. no Stafford Gambit? dissapointing…

  26. This is a great list but I did have a question. How should we view the win draw loss rate of each gambit? Should we see it as win rate alone is the mark to judge it as viable or not? Or should we rate the gambit by win + draw rate as the mark of viability? On a side note, I like the fact that the list is about black's counterplay.

  27. Nice video! Would be great to have access to that spreadsheet as well to follow through with how the games play out.

    Hyped for a d4 version of this video!

  28. Great video! Maybe another gambit you didn't cover is e4,e5 Nf3,Nc6 Bc4,Nf6 Ng5,d5 exd5,Na5 Bb5+,c6 dxc6,bxc6 Qf3,cxb5 Qxa8. It has 10k games played with 48 win rate for black and 49 for white. Evaluation is 0.0.

  29. I literally watched the whole video than doing my homework😅

    anyways at 1:15:12 white can also use its bishop 4C to F7 taking the pawn instead of the horse which made a check on black's king (in which black's king can just simply avoid it by just moving and continue the checkmate against white) which also made the game longer since white can develop defences after that move

    IDK but theres also some parts that white can ignore and strengthen its defence for the incoming strike (especially if they knew about the move)

  30. 'Giuoco piano' is spelled almost like 'joker' but with 'o' at the end (like 'joko'). Always welcome)
    P.S. Wrote down all your suggestions starting from 51% and will try them all. Thanks!

  31. This is amazing stuff. Too bad hundred openings is too high number to digest for most. You could pic your favourites and make a new video about 10 lesser known gambits. I'm sure that would gather more views than this colossal work.

  32. Could you upload the excel sheet? I saw a couple that were under the 999 games, even some below 100 (even 1) and those ones could be interesting to see aswell

  33. Pls make gambits for d4 as well! I would love to see a few like Benko and Englund (the only 2 ones I know which one is good for white and one is good for black)

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