I Ranked Chess Players By Rizz

We ranked popular chess players and streamers by their “rizz” aka their ability to flirt and be charming while pursuing a romantic interest. Who will score the highest and who will get the lowest marks? Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you disagree with any of our marks!
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  1. the hans rizz clip with underage anna 😂😂💀

  2. The sole outcome out of this is alienating everyone. So lame

  3. You are very close to becoming a D-tier camgirls. 😂

  4. No way is Magnus or Gotham S tier. I would say Gotham might just get A tier and Magnus would be B. Sure Magnus can get girls because of who he is but that's not rizz. Andrea is S for sure and Alex is A. Personally I prefer Alex and think she is super hot but Andrea does have a more universal appeal and I've seen her outshine people alongside her

  5. I think Dina is the most attractive woman I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I watched all of her videos and Dina is so original she is conpletely who she is. I just don't understand why she is in love with Danya! 😂

  6. Honestly, Alexander can be A or S because nice men love bossy women. I know it . believe me. And Alexandra is bossy. And Andrea definitely is S because of her amazing appearance. Some men likes beautiful women.

  7. Anyway as a GM of ethics who knows the truth. The truth is that a wonderful woman is a romantic woman so in the long term after the date what makes a woman A rate is being romantic.

  8. One look from Alex and it’s over for me. She has such a strong fuck me face

  9. Oh my god the clips for Hammer and Hikaru 😂 I can'tt (pls let there be more streamer clips)

  10. i lost all interesnt when she said that she cares only about personality its a waste of my time and energy

  11. Dina is b tier tops…. she was caught cheating

  12. Andrea doesn't have rizz… she has tiktok eccentric A class

  13. You guys are both great, but when it comes to Andrea, she's the person I wouldn't ask for help for a peanut butter experiment

  14. Me (age 67): Let's see what I can learn about chess today from the always-engaging Botez sisters.
    Botez sisters: OK… who's got rizz and who does the pulling?
    Me: [feeling WAY older now…]

  15. Only in LA would girls believe women have rizz

  16. Alex looked like she had a pretty rough night 😅😅

  17. Anna Cramling definitely S for me. The way she laughs, engages, and the inflection in her voice is more than just a "sweet and attractive woman".

  18. I feel like Yasser should be on the list. He is the GOAT! Charming, funny and in his younger days he looked like a boss!

  19. Once a legend said, "happiness is in small things"

  20. If someone had told me three years ago that it would be content to rank chess players by rizz, I would have smacked that person across the face. This simply goes to show how far chess has come in terms of popularity, and I love it!

  21. Dina is the queen, she's smart and funny. Super sexy woman.

  22. D tier being alone so no one feels bad, but now… the D tier is alone 🙁

  23. Women like nice guys like men like gold diggers.

  24. 'you can have my knight…AND my day and my next night" Why wasn't that included in the video man? 😭

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