I Played An Undercover Chess Master…

This video was recorded last summer in Washington Square Park, NYC. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. Missed free knight and attack on Queen. Anyone else see that ?

  2. His name is oz ozden from dallas….. We talk trash and used to play chess everyday. Always we played for money. His is about 2500 online blitz

  3. My boy oz miss whooping up on u come back to Dallas

  4. türkün gucu ccc 1453 ccc as bayrakları

  5. Bu Özden var ya 30 yılı geçti benim paketi hala getirmedi.

  6. abimiz telefonla fotoğraf mı çekiyordu bilmem

  7. If the guy starts with 1. f3, he's either 250 or 2500

  8. Thanks for your videos. Video not just leorn chess and leorn English speaking!!!!!

  9. I don’t know shit about chess but u still went “Damnn”

  10. Why would the only words you know in Spanish be "how old are you"? Seems like an odd statement to make.

  11. arkadaşım adam türk’müş, yalnız kaldım burada. yok mu bizden kimse?

  12. He was playing with his cock more than his hands. Dont let a pretty girl deceive you

  13. "so much beautiful over here" points phone at her, 2 seconds later she leans back and adjusts her top… 1:20 mark

  14. You are ideal Chess streamer,wholesome minus nonsense trash talked.👍👍👍👍

  15. Love this one. The trashtalk is so subtle but friendly 😉

  16. Rook takes knight on H3 would have been interesting as bishop was pinned (@6:33)

  17. Anna was low on time, but I think she needed to find the move Qh6 when she blundered her knight and ultimately lost the game

  18. I don’t even play chess & still enjoy these vids 🌺🤙✨

  19. Anna how can you function at so many levels and keep your focus and charming beauty glowing?
    Please explain? 🤩😍🤠

  20. Better a rusty master than a well-oiled servant.

  21. Really interesting opening actually. And the guy was cool.

  22. Fascinating opening he played, gonna have to study the lines on that one 😃

  23. Wild that people always talk about Anna’s looks.

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