I Played An Undercover Chess Master…

This video was recorded last summer in Washington Square Park, NYC. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. everyone makes mistakes. I know I blunder ALOT.

  2. Rusty my arse. Created a really tricky game structure, then sprung a nasty trap.

  3. Did he say Anna's looks is affecting his game? It would affect my game too, but it wouldn't matter in the end, since I'm not that high rated, lol.

  4. Here's where it all started for me. Street chess with Anna!

  5. Anna, don't y'all play touch – move in Europe? 🤔

  6. I hate blitz games. They encourage ridiculous blunders. If you can't sit for at least an hour, how can you enjoy the game?

  7. I'm so happy you play out the last few moves without resigning early. That helps us learn. Your videos are wonderful and have rekindled my interest…

  8. I love blitz so much, you can be playing a master or a strong player but everyone can be susceptible to time trouble

  9. I know you lost but that was a super fun and instructive game, thank you for sharing <3

  10. Omg Anna you're so gorgeous I'm surprised

  11. Wow, you each let each other setup a large opening position.

  12. Oh, no! at 6:32, the white bishop was pinned to the queen by the rook so you could have grabbed a free knight! So close, Anna!!

  13. Thank you, Anna! Always interesting. You were doing so well until that OH! blunder.

  14. Good job Anna. You would have had that game if you had time to "sit on your hands" like your mother always told you!

  15. that rook sac for the bishop was brutal. you had him.

  16. Anna is such a petit beauty goddess /* <3

  17. He is a rusty master, he did not play like a master. But he is still really good.

  18. This chess thing is fascinating. Maybe I'll learn how to play just for giggles.

  19. Def tryna infiltrate with those comment. Cant blame him those

  20. Watch him Anna!
    He's an undercover Master.

  21. The part where time starts running out and they have to rush their moves is always so intense

  22. Awesome game, cool guy, Anna. Very enjoyable. 😊

  23. That dude had me cracking up the whole time with his creepiness and weird accent 🤣.

  24. I admire his attempts to chat you up more than his game.

  25. That was the Barnes opening not the Hungarian lol

  26. U couldn't think straight under time pressure

  27. Cool game; congratulations Oz, I had my money on you! It was great seeing you play; Anna is a good sport. I enjoy her videos.

  28. This dude is quite clearly filming your cleavage, just saying.
    Check out 5:30 or so…

  29. Gotta love the old Hungarian opening always works !!

  30. I’m watching your videos and you seem to start well and get in winning positions and then have a bad move and lose. Love your videos

  31. You had him then pulled "an Anna" : (

  32. 6:32 ana should take that free knight pin by bishop… Missed win by her

  33. As Turkish men we never miss an opportunity to chat up a beautiful lady haha

  34. the Hungarian opening was my first ever move i learnt. btw, this guy was so humble.

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