I Played An Undercover Chess Master…

This video was recorded last summer in Washington Square Park, NYC. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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  1. That was fun to watch. It was a serious match with playful banter mixed in the match. Nice match Chess Princess.

  2. Borderline creepy old man vibes at times

  3. Je trouve que tu as bien joué sauf à 7:35 il fallait le mettre échec au roi avec le cavalier, il reprenait du pion, on lui reprenait le pion avec la tour, après c'est perdu quand même car il a l'autre tour et notre cavalier est mal placé.

  4. This girl deserves many more subs. I don't really play chess and enjoy her uplifting videos.

  5. It's so nice to see even Anna is making mistakes 😄

  6. I feel like at 4:27, Rxh3 is a winning move….Bxh3, Rh8, Kg2, Qh6, Rh1, exf6?

  7. Men are so stupid when it comes to chess and you happen to be a chick. “I’m so distracted by your beauty”. Oh STFU! Just say today you suck at chess

  8. He was a very gracious and humble champion. Good video


  10. I play a little chess myself and I'm amazed how people can both talk and play good chess simultaneously 🙂

  11. She was dominating – just a blunder right at the end

  12. When she asked how to open up the position I thought he would say "creatively" but be basically said that… But more creatively spoken

  13. I dont even play chess, I only watched one video about chess – where little Misha meet final boss Anatoly Karpov and for some reason youtube thinks that I like chess and it keeps reccomending me all chess channels. Thats how I ended up here…but I like this girls personality and she has cute voice.

  14. Don’t know why but didn’t like this one all that much. I must be in a bad mood.

  15. Fun to see anna climbing her subs count from where she used to be a year ago

  16. So the strategy is tank top distraction, doesn’t work tho.

  17. This game was insane. That closed position with all the pawns lined up is something you don't see every dau

  18. Usually chessplayers are introvert guys. It is refreshing and different to see a female and exhibitionist chessplayer.

  19. Beautiful game! The couple late bluffs he kept setting out kept me on my toes and it was great watching the gentlemen's respect keep growing as it got into late game

  20. Great game and interesting opening he played! That blunder at the end 😵

  21. Always love it when you go "oh no no no!" – turning the tragedy into fun 😀

  22. 7:17 – so what is the move that equals the position?

  23. Пацаны, она назвала Русский Турецким

  24. Do svidaniya made me smile. Hi from Russia!

  25. "to much beautyfull here, so…" covers boobs

  26. Fishy Nand has a chance for a core, he is interesting, looks like alpha go has a better future

  27. Staunton chess set tip, so you know how to replace it back to Staunton's

  28. when was this? i live in NYC and its def not warm enough to be wearing spring clothes!

  29. 7:44 seconds, should've moved that little horsey between your king and his queen

  30. Hi you don't seem to understand the psychological contest in chess cheers from Australia

  31. Best game. Thank you so much for great video

  32. Why is she so fixated on ratings? She asks everyone before she plays.

  33. I miss living in a city where you can just go outside and run into some people playing chess.

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