I joined a chess tournament with 500 rating.

Amidst months of anticipation, the ruder_dk chess video has finally released. Whilst participating in a chess tournament he is VASTLY underqualified for, our protagonist (ruder_dk) finds himself encountering a multitude of scenarios, inflicting various emotional responses upon the audience. From rook blunders to sacrifices, this ruder_dk upload is sure to warrant the accolades of, “heart-warming,” “entertaining,” and, “life changing.” You don’t even need to bring your whole chair to watch this, you just need the edge.

Also, I’m releasing this on my birthday (August 11th!) so pls be kind.

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  1. Hope ur channel is monetized, with this amount of views you would have made atleast like 500 bucks. Keep putting out content like this, very entertaining. I am from Germany and I enjoy to have some insights on ur High School day since I dont know how it is for u guys.

  2. Next time(if there is a next time) try using the fried liver attack

  3. Instant sub before 2000. Im the 1999 sub GG.

  4. It's not checkmate because King can go to f3

  5. No joke, he literally got possessed by Magnus power through the ASMR

  6. Hope noah got some paypal mpmey for that 😅

  7. he is definitely not 500 or at least not playing like one. That fork with the bishop and knight.. pse

  8. Bro played like a 1000 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀, and with the tie he looked like Hans Niemann

  9. we know that he is 700 elo higher than you we get it i hoped you lost because you keep on talking its annoying and i dont think he liked it either

  10. that kid is definitely not 1200 rated lol. But none the less, it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  11. that kid played around 400 elo, while ruder played 1350 elo. Tables turn

  12. We waited over a year for this,worth it.

  13. My small sister which is turning 10 in November. Her rating is 1100 😅.

  14. The whole vid is about him go around the school with funky music 💀

  15. Please dont eddit the video like this. I want to see your gamemoves. 🙂 So just show the mini Board all the time 🙂

  16. After watching that game, I think you're the 1200 and Koen Cayabyab is the 600 💀

  17. Bro missed the fork, u take pawn with knight then its a check with the bishop. Then u get the queen, whatever they do they lose the queen

  18. if you took that pawn instead of the rook you could get his queen for a bishop
    it was not 500 it was almost 900

  19. wow, the 1200 absolute trash. this game is like match of kid


  21. bro this aint no 1200 he probably 150 TF

  22. 6:30 he could have win the queen with ne5 and check on the king

  23. damn go to the playground and talk to females

  24. That's not even 2700 ELO rating. Weird front picture.

  25. can't help but think this is staged XD
    in my opinion a true 1100 can never be beaten by a 500 unless he's faking his rating

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