I Got The Lowest ELO on Chess.Com

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:18
Game 2 – 6:27

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  1. Chess nuke do u want plat atomic chess with me?

  2. bro one of the chess players that he had to fight (IMFunker) is from north korea💀

  3. im suprised he didnt just resign every game

  4. For a video you should try chess but you can’t see your pieces but only your opponents peices

  5. This is just crazy and stupid at the same time

  6. 9:51 how are they playing from North Korea 💀

  7. Been there done that. @sushiracer, blitz. I’d love to play you in rapid tho im like a 500 by next year

  8. First rule of chess: Never play just one game

  9. We just not talking about that intro with the guy in North Korea?

  10. I got 700 elo but I decided I want 100 elo so I gave It all away XDD

  11. Bro, I already got 3ple pawns like

  12. i love how his profile says hes from north korea

  13. Me: hangs my queen
    Opponent: does not take my queen
    Also me: OH SHIT

  14. Dont hit me with the london and Point c4

    Queen's gambit: Am I a joke to you?😐😂

  15. I am 100 elo and i cant be 200 i am trying to be 200 elo for 3 week

  16. If anyone is confused about the brilliant move so after he sacs his ROOOOK he will be able to force a draw by checking the king with queen on f7 then f8 f7 f8… until draw which is after 3 moves repitition

  17. The thumbnail is questionable it says that nuke won but he got -8

  18. once i tried to drop my rating,my account was banned of fairplay

  19. Happened to me about 78 times, kept reaching 100 elo.


  21. Nobody is talking about how the guy in the first game got a brilliant move?

  22. why has he set North Korea as his nationality?i mean mines set as the Vatican so i cant complain

  23. How does a 100 rated player do a brilliant move??

  24. i have 100 elo but i am wayy better than that

  25. :):):);)Hey my dad said that you were the best in chess dude thats true!😂😂😂

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