I Got The Lowest ELO on Chess.Com

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:18
Game 2 – 6:27

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  1. My sister is literally 100 rated. Her games are just trainwrecks.

  2. you're so underrated I have subscribed

    remember me when you get famous

  3. I (1378) have to teach my gf, who has 174 elo in rapid😭😭

  4. If he moves the bishop instead of the knight near the end you cant take the knight bc of discovered check and you may have lost this o. O

  5. would like to know what your real rating is, are you really IM?

  6. Lmao I created account and got it to 100 elo too lol it was like 20 days ago

  7. Bro made his location at North Korea😭😭😭😭

  8. I was trying to hit my first brilliant move for 5 months. But my 100 elo friend really blundered a rook using his brilliancy in his damn first game.

  9. You have more subs on this acc than your real one lol

  10. you’ve only been playing for 3 years ??

  11. My 5 year old cousin played 4 games and already got to 100 elo. I actually laughed like a maniac after those 4 matches.

  12. As a former 100 ELO, I am getting flashbacks

  13. I don’t think anybody who knows how the pieces move can actually be 100 elo legitimately

  14. lol my friend is 100 elo and my other friend would've been if i didn't take over for him in 7 of his games (and proceed to destroy 7 200 elos)

  15. Bro got the lowest elo and still better then me

  16. 0:20 بهدلتنا صاحبي كيفاه 124 ايلو🤣🇩🇿

  17. Watching the first game makes me feels so good bruv

  18. I just realised that it says he's North Korean 🤣

  19. keeping your pieces on the board is not better content i'm sorry

  20. respect to this guy for commenting to pretty much every comment respect

  21. what 100 plays this bad i did this and people could at least defend themselfs

  22. Bro, you're a fake. You know the names of openings, means you're no beginner, but your elo is purposely low and you take the piss out of low level players. Shame mate shame.

  23. please tell me his account isnt from north korera 💀

  24. i hate it when he didnt take the queen my ocd

  25. I am at 100 elo and I just started playing. I personally I would do the same moves as these players. Thanks for teaching me more ig.

  26. If you become popular remember me please 😛 Your channel is great

  27. Imagine if you battled chess simp doing challenges while being 100 elo

  28. I’m not lying but I pull out 3 brilliant move in 1 game 🙂 that day I feel so good

  29. I used to be 0 elo on blitz when I was younger it was bugged

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