I Got The Lowest ELO on Chess.Com

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Chess goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Intro – 0:00
Game 1 – 0:18
Game 2 – 6:27

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  1. They still played better than 99% of 600s I see on Gothamchess’ channel

  2. 𝒦𝒶𝓀𝓊𝒾 × 𝒦𝒶𝓀𝓊𝒾 says:

    4:01 mate would be e rook to re1

  3. After losing a bunch of games, I'm also here. Hello bois!

  4. I don't even have to try to get 100 Elo😂


  6. If I got a dolla everytime you said bro I will be rich

  7. holy shit i dont think ive ever heard a more annoying laughter

  8. ‼️❗️⭐️👍✅📔⁉️❓ ❔❔⛔️

  9. dude was like: ooh free pawn!
    accidentally gets a brilliant move

  10. Bro bro bro can you say something else?

  11. my first brilliant move was against the isabel bot, it was a simple queen rook backrank sacrifice, probably one of the simplest brilliancies to get

  12. First one is algerian he may understand English but csn talk it XD

  13. Lowest ELO chess is funniest when they don't know how to mate, they usually just stalemate xD. You got to try that out next time.

  14. Great content especially when you start losing 70% of your games

  15. "so after losing a bunch of games, I got banned for rating manipulation"

  16. U should have trolled more smh u could have. Had more fun by sacking a queen

  17. Bro what are those goofy ahh childish laughs XDDD

  18. am i the only 1 who see the north korea flag near the elo

  19. honeslty i never knew that 100 elo was even possible :L

  20. i sacrificed my rook for a back rank checkmate, but i never got to saw if that was a brilliant move im so dumb

  21. So wr are gonna ignore that the first opponent had a brilliant move?!

  22. It was a brilliant move cause the queen could keep checking the king forever and there is no way the king can escape the checks without getting a draw by repetition

  23. this video just inspired me to contionue chess after i quit

  24. to be honest has a 280 elo im like the 124 on the first game

  25. when u go to game review why does it say u have 953 elo tho

  26. We're not gonna talk about the fact that his country is set to north korea

  27. bro this is cringe asf. tf u think beginners are gonna play like ?

  28. Love your vids I leaned tricks ❤

  29. 9:09 fossil, into double fossil, into TRIPLE ARCHEOLOGIST, MUSEUM

  30. No way, I finally found someone worse then me 😂 I thought everyone was above 500

  31. 9:13 if he block with bishop you take bishop with check, 9:22 if he moves a knight and you take bishop you lose queen after bishop check..

  32. In yhe first game hes playing from north korea

  33. i did this and i regrettef it now that this has been posted

  34. I’m just wondering why the rating changes in this video. In the first game, you are 101 elo, but in the analysis of the first game you’re at 900 and your opponent is at 400

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