I got my 3300 chess rating back

GM Oleksandr Bortnyk got his 3300 bullet chess rating back!
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About me:
Oleksandr Bortnyk is a Ukrainian grandmaster who earned that title in 2015 at the age of 19. He was the 2014 World Youth Champion in the under-18 group. Bortnyk is an incredibly talented speed chess player and reached the 2019 Bullet Chess Championship finals against GM Hikaru Nakamura. His Chess.com bullet rating reached 3000 in September 2020 and peaked at 3340 in December of that year.

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  1. Его забанили на личесс за такие лаги не так давно.

  2. With a Morty that dumb i don't think this Rick will ever win in a battle

  3. I feel so, so stupid when I watch this genius playing ………..

  4. Good job, but we all know your opponent is a cheater haha

  5. Это забаненный герой на личесс. Когда он Сергея Жигалко перекатывал по 7.5 сек против 15.

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