Hunting For 2700 Chess Rating on Lichess

For Chess and beyond, we use rating systems! Here in this episode we’re trying to reach a rating of 2700 on Lichess in 3 minute online blitz chess. We must always remember when attacking that checkmate ends the game!

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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Chess Stream #134 Lichess 2700 hunt!


  1. You might not be as pretty as the Botez sisters and you're obviously not as good in chess as Hikaru but you are definitely one of the most entertaining youtubers regarding chess and you definitely deserve more than 70k subscribers and you definitely have the potential for that.
    One reason why you haven't got more subscribers might be your frequency of uploading videos and while it might be preferred by viewers on twitch to have less frequent but longer streaming sessions the average youtube viewer prefers videos in the 20 minute region but wants them as often as possible, ideally daily.

  2. Artistry matters in chess, Ginger GM you are awesome. I like the way you pick plyers your own size instead of creaming players 1/2 your rating…

  3. As someone who was born in Amsterdam, I have to inform you that bars are closed at the moment. Sorry, lockdown!
    (loving it by the way… No English tourists! 😜🤣)
    (you Simon, are of course always more than welcome when we open up again! 😊)

  4. Why you bashing Trump? He's a vaxtard too.

  5. I've been following you on Youtube for a few years now. I was sorry to hear that you had contracted covid. I do hope that you are well in the way to recovery.

  6. I get salty when you lose. Does that have a name? xD

  7. Very glad to see Simon back and that he is recovering well from his bout with Covid!

  8. What's wrong here I had about 25 adverts and wasn't even half way through the video. Unbearable sorry. First thumbs down ever for GingerGM from me.

  9. I wouldn't wish a runny nose and sore throat on my worst enemy. Stay strong.

  10. Hey Simon, what if you did some documentary-style touring videos about days in the lives of chess players and other chess professionals? The Chessbrah guys did an "Aftermovie" for the 2019 Reykjavic Open about going out in the city at night, coming to the tournament the next day, seeing all the familiar faces. And Magnus did a great short recently about his seconds. I would definitely watch more videos that showed what it is like traveling, being a commentator, how everyone gets prepared for tournaments in various capacities, who hangs out with whom, etc. You have always brought so much humanity and perspective to your chess content, so I can't think of a better possible documentarian. Obviously a bit hard right now with COVID, but just some ideas. Love what you have done for many years now, thanks!

  11. Position at 40:00 where he resigns. He could have actually been even material. Rook takes bishop, then whatever order opponent takes with queen or took there’s a bishop skewer on c3. Pretty sure Simon was doing fine and premature resigned

  12. He's back. Good to see 👍

    Am I right you're taking video suggestions?

    For me it's just more of the same please, fella.
    Your humour during videos like this is what stands you out from a lot of the other folks out there. I'd say that's a common opinion in the comments and one of your best features, if that's the right word.

    Keep em coming, as long as you're enjoying em.

    I would like to see a stream on YouTube now again mind, if the views are there of course. If its not worth it then its not worth it but…maybe worth a shot. I don't exist on twitch.

  13. Happy New Year! Really like watching you play. Hope you're feeling better now from covid. Trump 2024!

  14. Let me get this straight. So, with a nice wooden piece you move it and it's, like, "Bwaaaahhh" and then you're, like, "Wwwaaaaoooawh!"

  15. Cheers to 2022, hope you are back to 100% ASAP!

  16. Ben reached 2800 3 minute rating . Can you do the same Simon ?

  17. Happy New year to you Simon !!! Get well soon .. take care … Let the Ginger burn down the Covid !!!

  18. Someone said it already and I agree 100% –

    You should do a series where you tour english pubs and play the regulars / local players in different areas. Travel doc style, showcase old school boozers and shots of the English countryside… Channel your inner gentleman as you try local ales in each pubs – proper beer not ciders! You could review them as well. Some will be horrid which could be a laugh. With some decent production values it's the grand tour, but with chess not cars – Jeremy Clarkson but without the casual racism

  19. Glücklich-sein ist eine Entscheidung says:

    Thank you for your really entertaining streams. I love it! By the way, you missed a checkmate in one 1:14:26.

  20. Wow I got covid the same day or so he did and also tried to play blitz and rapid games. One guy in the chat was laughing at how slowly I was moving, but my mind was working soooooo slowly.

  21. By the way, I strongly believe that to increase you popularity drastically you have to speak Russian from time to time ))
    Look at GothamChess

  22. The covid figures are bound to go up in England because we're a nation of bedwetters, who go for a covid test just over a sniffle…..

  23. Great video let's make 2022 a smashing chess streams. Don't take the kill shot.

  24. Thank you for uploading this. Always appreciate your content. I watch your videos over 2-3 days, when I have free time. Greetings from Ontario, Canada.
    All the best in the new year.

  25. lmao you are ill from the vax, not 'covid'

  26. Pay taxes to make the sky less angry says:


  27. Pay taxes to make the sky less angry says:

    Lmao imagine getting a disease your supposed to be v@xed against

  28. You pronounce "Black Lion" as "Black Line". "Lion" has two syllables: li – on.

  29. Flush the Covid out of the body with beer. LOL Don't let Trump hear that!

  30. 45:28 min , white queen to b3 eyeing the e6 pawn forking the king & rook(however, there's the bishop & hanging pawn with check)

  31. The geezer is like a London bus, wait hours for something decent then three or four arrive at the same time…

  32. Trump never said to inject yourself with disinfectant. This is fake news. On the other hand, some real news: Biden says you don't exist because the vaccine stops all infections. Now let's drop the politics and get back to chess.

  33. Simon you checkmated covid. BOOM! PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE CORONA.

  34. I was in the Crown on Bristol Road in Bath, fell out of the door flat on my face after drinking black rat cider, hehehheh.

  35. Best chess poster on youtube, you say? GingerGm, you say? Don't mind if I do! Great to have you back 🙂

  36. 4:51 Balzac is with you, Si! "Our greatest fears lie in anticipation" 🙂

  37. you could try playing some different chess variants

  38. thanks for the tea recipe Ginger!
    but…. im in australia… chances of finding icelandic moss…!? i might substitute with aussie saltbush😉

  39. Jesus man i'm having the greatest trouble to get 2500. Stuck @2433 now.

  40. I absolutely hate it when people have mate in 1 and go out for a beer first

  41. i have a crazy idea for you mister Simon "you play games without moving a piece (determined before the game) the entire game" 🙈

  42. Simon travels the world , playing blitz. Maybe following the path of chess over the centuries. Maybe host of The Story of Chess. Travel show chess local drinkee. India Persia/Iran China Europe.

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