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  1. 12:43 Just a small addition. Having a tie game would still make Hikaru lose rating, because of the advantage he has over his opponents.

  2. Hikaru is the reason why we low level players play our moves quickly and play more bullet games

  3. What is even more impressive
    He even loses points when drawing!

    He always had to play for the win
    Draw = minus points

    That makes this record even more insane imo

  4. Not that impressive when you think about the statistics of players he is up against and his skill level already. It’s just a very consistent win ratio. Which most super GMs can manage! A grind and a nice milestone at best.

  5. Anyone else named Vladimir Kramnik finding this very interessting???

  6. "Someone" would find this interesting…😂

  7. Someone will find this… hmmm… interesting… xD

  8. ''He'll play the Clock if the position demands a clock'' – Levy Rozman / GothamChess

  9. I like how Hikaru is shoving it in Kramnik's face xDDDDDD

  10. "Measly rating of 3,326. . . ." *rolls eyes.

  11. I enjoy this because I am in the witness protection program. NOT! My cognitive decline has begun tho. I am 69 years old but so what my best elo was about 800. But so what?! I like the chess community.

  12. @gothamchess please start doing collabs with Hikaru again. I always enjoyed them.

  13. I tend to ignore videos with zero info in title… Am I the only one? Why is anyone still doing it?

  14. Levy plays a clock face down and ends his turn

  15. Hikaru knew you needed some content after the tournament

  16. 3405 online blitz rating and not won a single world blitz championship.

  17. Really miss Levy doing How to Win at Chess. He’s at his best when he’s teaching and playing subs. Some of the best vids, IMO.

  18. What's the use of truckloads of ratings when you can't play a WC finals ?

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