How to up your chess rating from 1600-2000! CHESS KING

Chess KING video. In this video i will show your the basics of learning how to play a chess game from openings to advanced strategy. I am no grand master but i hope you enjoy the video. Please like and subscribe to watch and learn! I will take you through my thinking on each move


  1. Great! I wanna play with you! My username : alfaray129

  2. i enjoyed watching that, would like to play you sometime

  3. Man you are lucky, player with the white pieces had a draw by perpetual after move 57 Kf2 than white starts checking you Re2+(and you cannot recapture neither with your King nor with your rook because that is going to be stalemate).Be more careful chess King!!!!!

  4. You missed the bishop check with the discovery to his rook

  5. How does this help you update to a 2000elo player? Both sides made many mistakes

  6. He could of forced a possible draw. 57. Re2+

  7. e4 e5 is the Kings pawn game not King gambit and e4 e5 c4 Bc5 isn't the sicilian. Dislike

  8. You missed taking his queen! 5:10 he played queen to E7 you couldve taken his knight with your rook which was defending the C6 square and forked the king and queen! I'm a 1200 player looking to improve

  9. Move 17 you should have taken the knight on h4 because he cannot take because he will loose his queen.

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