How to Not Blunder in Chess and Get Past 1000 Rating || Chess Fundamentals || #AskAChessMaster Ep 10

In today’s chess lesson, we learn some chess fundamentals as to how to not blunder in chess and get past 1000 rating. If you enjoy these chess lessons, make sure to like and subscribe to get this channel to become of the best chess channels out there!

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My name is Sean Lei and I am a Canadian Chess National Master. If you have any questions about the game, or about chess in general, just leave a comment and I would be happy to answer all of them!

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  1. Subscribed, after thinking, what are you doing, and is my click safe.

  2. NM is national master so your rating would come around 1900 right?

  3. Bro u are very good at explaining things and very chill. Keep up the good work!!

  4. I'm not sure how long ago you were below 1200, but absolutely no one is making 1 move piece blunders like that at 1000.

  5. Really good content can you help in my chess j am only 9

  6. Advice:
    What is my opponent trying to do?
    Hes trying to checkmate my King
    Task failed successfully

  7. A really nice beginner video! In summary 1. What is my opponent doing? (Negative Planning, which helps a lot when we find ourselves in a position when we don't know what to do) 2. Is my move safe + 3. Can my pieces be attacked on the squares that I place them on. This video fits nicely with the one you did on creating weaknesses and candidate moves.

  8. Thanks so much, after watching this I'm starting to play a lot better. In the 8 games I've played so far I've won 6 and lost 2!

  9. The mistake I do is that I can think about 5 moves ahead but I dont try to figure out what my opponent is planning

  10. Started playing around a month ago and hit that 1000 mark and trying to get above

  11. My rating is about 700 and this 2 simple questions helped me A LOT!

    I Knew from begining that my mistake was hanging pieces, but i never understood how to stop hunging pieces, but this two questions solved my problem, now i just have to keep asking myself, practicing and this will becomea habit.

    When you know what to ask its soo much better our brain seeks the answer when you ask correctly. I believe in 1000+rating will be questions that will help me when i get there.

  12. Will try this out for sure, really helpful video. Gotham Chess is good but my ranking is so embarrassingly low that learning a few chess openings does nothing to help me win !

  13. it didnt work it would only work if i had enogh time to think but theres a timer so i get rushed and make stupid mistakes how do i not get rushed and make stupid mistakes?

  14. I agree with the comments players ranked 1000 are much further along than this. They know most of the openings and would very rarely give pieces away foolishly

  15. im stuck at 1100 rating rn and i must say people do not play moves like that i play longer time controls(45min/45sec rapid) to get better and people actually think about their moves its much deeper than just finding free pieces maybe in blitz pr shorter time controls but longer ones

  16. Bro how does this guy only have 1k subs. Smh deserves way more.

  17. i watched this video and instantly checkmated with 2 pawns and a king

  18. Great points, but would love if you could show similar mistakes in something like the Italian or Spanish game. I feel like by 800 elo almost everyone knows how to escape scholar's mate. Eagerly waiting!

  19. problem is , at 1000+ rating almost everybody has this basic principles unless is somebody new that hasn't played much, so is hard for me to surpass that benchmark. I win a few lose a few etc

  20. Sean, I'm guessing you were never below 1000. Because a 900 or 800 or even a 700 player would never make a move as pointless as Ba6 (5:22) or Bg4 (4:31). That is really more like 300 level. But two great tips nonetheless – thanks!

  21. I seem to get worse and worse i went from 1200 to 800 now i cant win a single game anymore! ; ( they seem to get better the lower the elo lol! and also even seeing that elo number plays tricks on my mind! i lost having fun at this game : (

  22. So once you get to the 1000 stage how do you get to say 1200-1300 what is the next step to incorporate. Obviously you have got blunders and mistakes etc under control. So basically now it’s about higher level tactics and ideas but what exactly ???

  23. Terrible advice to wait for moves in the opening

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