How to increase your Chess Rating with Coaching || 5 Tips Black Belt Chess

How to increase your Chess Rating with Coaching || 5 Tips Black Belt Chess

1. Understanding chess concepts.
2. Building opening repertoires.
3. Personalized feedback to improve.
4. Keep you motivated “emotional control and focus”
5. You ́ll change midset “chess is not a perfect game”

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My name is Reinaldo Rodríguez professional chess coach.

My initial trainer the International Master José Sequera Paolini from which I learned the basic concepts and the training methodology needed to become National Champion of my country. Later attending various Pan-American Championships. Obtaining the Candidate Master Title in 2015, year in which I participated in the National Championship of the highest category in my country to select the Olympic representatives.

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  1. Come here from Lichess you're playing classical game found you on chess watch good luck.. 🙏🏻 im learning thanks

  2. I hope this gets you some students. You would be a great coach as you're easy to understand when you explain concepts. I'm 61 so I just play for fun now. Otherwise I would use you as a coach

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