How to Get to 1000 Rating in Chess

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, this isn’t my actual rating and I’m not stealing rating points from my opponents. This is for educational purposes only and is approved by All ratings will be refunded to my opponents.

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  1. 1.Develop your pieces,castle your king,control the center,(Let the opponent do the first capture)2.For every move made by the opponent,think what is going to be their next move or what is their idea?3.Think about atleast two possible moves you can do,and choose the best one4.Everytime before making a move,shortly check,is the piece in the square I want to go hanging,can some piece of your opponent capture the piece5. Be careful of pushing the pawns in front of your king6.Having the bishop is a advantage, because together,they can control all the 64 square of the board7.Shortly ask yourself,what is your latest move doing,are you leaving some piece hanging (for example,as in the video,leaving a bishop hanging behind a knight)8.If you have a extra piece, there are 2 ways of winning,they are 1.Give checkmate as quick as possible, 2. Trade pieces and go to an endgame,and win the endgame using the material advantage

  2. How the hell you got players like this💀

  3. When masters take on sub-1000 players they wipe the board with them with common sense moves. When I play them, we both end up looking like idiots and winning is no longer possible. One side just loses more than the other.

  4. This video helped me lose 300 elo and get to 1,000. Thank you very much

  5. This is really useful taking us back to the basics. I am still hovering around 950 rating, so need to push on. Thanks!

  6. It is like my style but i still 600 rating

  7. you are one of those super funny to follow chess streamer!!keep your good vibe!!😉

  8. You are Awesome and Adorable.
    Your content is very Fun & addictive.
    Your accent is the coolest.
    And i just want you to post daily content…
    Because i want to enjoy your videos every night before going to bed,being very happy. 🎉❤🎉❤🎉❤

  9. yeah, very funny crushing 1000's to teach people how to play the game. I bet it's a really fun experience for those that end up against you. You are a hero for stomping noobs. CONGRATS

  10. Im 1900 but i like this video, this will definitely help my under 1000 friends

  11. Ciao Alessia 🥹 saluti da una fan pugliese ✨

  12. Tysm for this video alessia, funny and interesting!

  13. i always try but im just stuck at 800-840 elo

  14. I am afraid I would have to lose rating if I wanted to get to 1000 rating.

  15. Complimenti per i video Alessia! Molto utili e interessanti

  16. unfortunately my 900 elo opponents are magnuses in disguise

  17. Great educational content, brava Alessia!

  18. The best "chess thinking" tour I've had as a beginner in a while…

  19. Nice video ma'am YEP Now I can finally be 1000 in chess after watching it

  20. How can I move to 1500 from 1375, please make a video on it…

  21. Thanks alot! now I am finaly 1000, I was stuck at 1500 for months

  22. How are you getting people who blunder and stuff? Im 650 and I swear I'm playing vs hikaru!

  23. Very nice video! I'm upset that YouTube didn't recommend your channel sooner.😊

  24. your explanation is great and your enthusiasm makes this video very entertaining.

  25. Step 1. Do 10 tactics every until you reach at least 2000 puzzle rating. But even after that continue with it.
    2. Step 2 play a couple rapid games a day
    Step 3 after a month or two you should be at least 1000

  26. You have another subsriber. Very educational and fun.

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