How to Get to 1000 Rating in Chess

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, this isn’t my actual rating and I’m not stealing rating points from my opponents. This is for educational purposes only and is approved by All ratings will be refunded to my opponents.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Game 1
8:42 Game 2
15:59 Game 3
20:49 Game 4


  1. alessia sarò l'unico che lo pensa ma per me sei proprio fregna

  2. I am below 1000, I need you to coach me please.

  3. Please make a video on how to reach 1500. I am stuck on 1200 and can't make any further progress. Instead of progress whats happening is the opposite I am slowly going down by some rating points😐.

  4. finalmente degli schacchisti italiani che fanno video in inglese

  5. I started few weeks ago and I am 1150 points without any theory. Just watching Bobby Fischer games. I don't know how people manage to get lower than 1000.

  6. Ok, got to 1100, how to get to 2000 now? 😀

  7. Thank you, I am finally 1000 rated after being 1800 for a long time.

  8. Is there any chess content creator that talks the truth about how to get over 600-700 elo in Blitz? All these videos are played either against very passive players or with rapid time (10 or 15 minutes)…none of them talk about agressive players that don't allow you to develope in 5 minute matches where while you think how to counter attack tons of out of theory but effective attacks then you end up loosing the game due to lack of more time!

  9. Sei uno spettacolo !! Grazie per video come questi !
    You are amazing. Thanks for these videos 🙂

  10. E parla italiano, fatte capì! Ahahaha ❤

  11. The explanation of this was perfect and you weren’t boring at all!

  12. God bless you! You are humble my dear ❤️‍🔥

  13. I'm 1700 but thanks to you i finallt got to 1000🙏

  14. how are you getting plus 34 rating points ?? im only getting about 8

  15. Can you make a video to tell how hard it is to reach 2000 ratings? I am up and down around 1200 ratings 😅😅😅

  16. you're a much stronger player than 1000

  17. Grazie, peccato che nessuno mi abbia spiegato le cose così quando iniziai a gioccare

  18. you have a great teaching style, really good explanations

  19. Keep doing good things. Explaining every move. You more like daniel naroditski

  20. your videos are so engaging and entertaining plus educational. it's the best combo <3

  21. Great Video once again!! Alessia has become my favorite chess streamer as of late. Passing up Dina,Anna,Nemo,and the Botez sisters. Congratulations Alessia on become a 2500 rated player !! She’s beat all the other streamers in chess in person and online ! Keep these amazing videos coming !! ❤

  22. I want to take a coach would you help me to get a coach

  23. I discovered this channel yesterday and I have been watching non stop 🙂 Currently my favourite youtube chess channel! It is so educational to watch you play and comment every move and thought proccess! Thanks!!

  24. Funny that you are not even 1000 and teaching people how to become 1000 😂😂😂

  25. Love your videos. You're explanations move by move is so good for me as a beginner to understand. I wish I am the only beginner who watches your channel and others around my rating don't get to discover your channel! Lol

  26. Will I get 1000 rating after learning this video? My rating now is 1600+

  27. 2:12 This is why I never pick up my pieces and slide them around. I click on them and then click on the destination. It prevents all sorts of blunders, connectivity or mouse hardware issues, and software bugs.

  28. the higher I climb the lower I fall
    so basically I feel like I am stuck

  29. Alessiea, You are so adorable. Can we have a date?

  30. Love your videos. Could we have some D4 games please

  31. I used to laugh at people getting their queens out early after 1.e4….. that was before I saw Big Mio "the butcher", slaying a GM with that.
    Seems pretty strong to me now.

  32. Amazing video. I'm approaching chess only now and it's so fun and informative to watch you're videos. Plus your Italian. Proud ❤

  33. For me it's always hikaru doing his disrespect speedruns

  34. Yeah I fairly good and have gotten past 1000 but Im untrained and get beat down to 600

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