How to Get an International FIDE rating in Chess?

Do u want to get an internationl FIDE rating in chess?? Here’s How | CHESS CRAZE

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Cover Topics:
1)How to get international FIDE rating in chess
2)How to get FIDE rating in chess
3)How to get FIDE rating

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Board used: Chess base 16
Editing : Filmora9
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Video by: Karan Parikh(Player)
Fide rating: Classical 1081

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  1. What if all of the players in a FIDE rated tournament are unrated? Can anyone get a chance to get their rating?

  2. at 1:57 if i won against all 4 why would i get a rating that's in the middle between them (the average like you mentioned). I'm better than all of them if i beat them, wouldnt i have a rating higher than all of them?

  3. This is really helpful. Thank you for sharing you're experience to us!.

  4. So how do you get a job playing chess? What’s the pay, how are the benefits? What’s the job security?

  5. My son yesterday played fide rating tournament Total Round 7 He got 5 Rated players and 2 unrated opponent then he defeat 1 rated player and 2 unrated player then what is his rating please Reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Super ❤️❤️❤️ information please tell FIDE expansion

  7. There are online FIDE rated tournaments too, right?

  8. 0:12 The board is 90 deg rotated. "Queen on color", so your queens are in the right place, just on the wrong color.

  9. Super very well.
    Yes I have FIDE ID

  10. Great video, very helpful and very clear
    Good job and thank you♥️

  11. A chess player who plays in pro doesn't know FIDE? 🤣

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