How to get a FIDE rating in chess

One of the major questions on the minds of any unrated chess player is – how to get a FIDE rating. Arbiter Gopakumar Sudhakaran is one of the finest chess arbiters in India and he explains to us the entire procedure of not only how one gets the rating, but also how the calculations are done.

For all the people who have asked us – how does an unrated player get his rating, this video should solve all your queries.


  1. I played 6 rated and won 2 and my rating performance is 1022 will I get rating

  2. abe yeh system ekdam bakarchodi system hai yaar india mei yaar bekar system hai yaar europe aahah iayaar superb usperub great agraet thxxx

  3. Sir you should tell us how to register in FIDE?

  4. Sir i took part in FIDE rated chess tournament held at indore in 2016 and i scored 6 and half points. I was the best unrated player in that tournament. i got chance to play 3 rated players in that tournament and i defeated two of them. so i believe my performance must be over thousand in that tournament. After that in 2018, i took part in another FIDE rated tournament held at Pune where i scored 4 points out of 9. i played with 5 rated players there and defeated 2 of them incuding 1400+ rated. My performance was 1148 there as chess result site was showing. I was 3rd best unrated player there and i did not play the last round due to some reason. rating has still not come…im still unrated…why?

  5. Hello sir I have played two fide rating tournament . In first tournament I played with 7 rated player and score 1 point against them and in second tournament I played with 3 rated player and score 1.5 ponts and mine progress was 1214 but still rating didn't display

  6. My son has played 3 rated tournaments , from all of which he has played nine games against rated. But he is still unable to score a point against rated player( even though his score in each tournament is 3 or 4)… From which tournament his performance counts ??? From the first tournament where he scored a point or from the tournament where he scores a point against a rated player??

  7. Without playing tournament we can't know our fide ratings.

  8. Sir, I played 4 tornaments and about 6-7 rated players and won against 2 rated opponents still i have no rating. Why?

  9. What if I played in 2016 2 games with elo players and I made in this tournament 1point but not with them, then I played last Saturday in tournament 6 games with elo and I scored 7points but 5 with them? Will I be raited?

  10. I played in a 9 round tournament, All my opponents were rated, I defeated 3 of them, 2 games were drawn and lost the other matches. Will I get any rating?

  11. I played a tournament which had 8 rounds… I played with 5 rated players….I got a win from rated player and 2 wins and a draw from unrated player… Will i get Fide rating

  12. fide mein register kaise kare hindi mein batayein

  13. One Question not answered.
    If I play Tournament 1 I played 1 rated opponent. Lost that. But scored 3 points against unrated players.
    Tournament 2 also exactly same – point is there against unrated players but all loss with rated players.
    In tournament 3 I played 6 rated opponents & scored 2.
    Since when my performance counting will start? From tournament 1 or tournament 3?

  14. Hallo sir I played 2 fide rating tournament in this month .in first tournament I play with all rated players 3.5 out of 10. And in 2nd tournament I played with all rated players score is 4.5 out of last round muze bye Mila tha. Kya muze rating ayegi aur kitni

  15. Please tell me how to know about tournament happening around you? I want to play in tournaments, I have no information how to register/fees for tournament etc.
    It would be quite helpful if you made a video on this also.

  16. Sir, I play a school level tournament and I scored 2 out of 3
    In the second tournament I scored 1 out of 2 than what will my rating?

  17. Does rating gets cancelled for rated player who didnt played for almost 8 years?if anyone knows please reply

  18. Thanks a lot! for the explanations. This is/was exactly my question as an unrated player

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