How to get a FIDE rating in chess

One of the major questions on the minds of any unrated chess player is – how to get a FIDE rating. Arbiter Gopakumar Sudhakaran is one of the finest chess arbiters in India and he explains to us the entire procedure of not only how one gets the rating, but also how the calculations are done.

For all the people who have asked us – how does an unrated player get his rating, this video should solve all your queries.


  1. I guess He is a "Malayali" from his slang 😊

  2. If I play 5 rounds in my first tournament, lose the first 4 games, and win the last game, is my rating 1 out of 1 or 1 out of 5?

  3. lmao he wrote on a smartboard and not white board. smart board f**ked

  4. Thanks Shrinath narayan for bringing me here

  5. Waiting for Samay to get his first FIDE rating 😂

  6. what kind of arbiter not know the full form of DP ?

  7. It’s better for him to narrate in his mother tongue .

  8. I have 1600 points 8n lichess and really some People ask me how you did this i dont really know i know i beat 2000 elo point more then 6 times but also others did too

  9. Thnku very much sir for clarifying my long time doubts

  10. Maybe, he escaped from his English class in school to play chess. All I heard was sounds rather than English

  11. Hi tnx for the nice explanation. I have a question, let say that in my first toutnament my goal is to reach at least 1800 fide and in my first match i do not score points, with the swiss system i go matched in the second match with some other not rate player or a 1400 …just giving up the tournament would make more sens than continuing? I have no time and money for recovering a 1400 elo start.

  12. Is there a application process to get rated during these tournaments? Or is it by default?

  13. Is there a video of this in English ?

  14. Do I need to register before somewhere to be allowed to play the matches or just register for a tournament show up and they will explain it to me?

  15. Hindi aati he to wahi bolle fumble se acha to😁

  16. Sir Arbiter to those who find duckworth luis in cricket as to kuch bhi ni..

  17. In a fide rating tournament I scored 4 out of 8 rated players and the average is 1269. Is that my rating confirmed?

  18. भारत के बरेमे हे ती हिंदी मे बताना चाहिये..

  19. How much does a Chess Player earn by winning a top flight international tournament, like the Tata Steel Chess Tournament? What is the total prize money for winning the FIDE World Chess Championship?

  20. Should we play 5 rated players?

  21. Can anyone share, who are the 5 highest rated player in India as current standings Nov 2022 ?

  22. I am very confused. Can someone tell me exactly how do I get a FIDE rating if I don't have a FIDE account and reside not in my home country. I want to participate in a local FIDE tournament and someone told me I can't register because I don't have FIDE account but this man on the video says to get FIDE rating all I need is to register to a rated tournament but they will not register me :(( who is right and what should I do??

  23. If 9 rounds in a tournament then how many rounds we have to win for a FIDE rating?

  24. And we have to defeat FIDE rated players only to get a FIDE rating?

  25. My son playing Fide tournament he got 5 rated opponent and 2 unrated opponent total round 7 and he got defeat 1 rated opponent then what his rating sir please reply 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  26. But the rating will BR carried only if tournament type is same. For classical and rapid is different or same ?😊

  27. can i get fide rating through AICF

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