How To Gain Chess Rating

This video has 10+ Tips of Advice for gaining chess rating and becoming better at chess. Hope it helps: here are some resources below:

Opening Principles Blog post I wrote years ago
Video For King + Pawn vs King Theoretical Endgame
Video For Queen Checkmate
Video For Rook Checkmate
Video For Two Bishops Checkmate
Wikipedia Checkmate Pattern page is a site with free, unlimited, chess puzzles. Other sites also have puzzles, but if you have a premium membership (any paying membership) on, then I believe they have the best puzzle section out there. Don’t forget Daily Puzzle is also free and you can solve unlimited Daily Puzzles even under the default, free, membership.
Puzzle Battle is free for the rest of February 2023 for all members! Puzzle Battle gives you and another player 3 minutes to solve many tactics puzzles and the one with the most correct at the end wins; just a fun way to practice. Unlock the comedic genius of tv man. From meme origins to the latest monster wrestlers. Become a Skibidi Toilet aficionado and stay connected with the latest developments in the hilariously unpredictable world of toilet monsters and cameramen!

00:00 Introduction
00:57 1. Tactics Puzzles
03:38 2. Basic Checkmates
04:32 3. Theoretical Endgames
05:41 4. Opening Principles
06:20 5. Analyze Games
07:25 6. YouTube Videos
08:24 7. Blogs & Articles
09:04 8. Learn Notation/Vision Trainer
11:47 9. Checkmate Patterns
14:02 10. Listening To Higher Rated Player Thoughts
16:23 Conclusion


  1. Great advice! I think learning the chess notation is critical to anyone willing to improve at chess. Not only does it help you understand videos and books, being able to name the moves you play also helps with visualizing moves on the brain-board!

  2. What’s your thoughts on well studying the opening type of stuff? Im decent at the game it self including the endgame but I just lack a decent opening.

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