How to DOUBLE Your CHESS RATING | What I Learned Playing Chess for 30 Days ft. 2000+ Rated Player!

Chess has recently been booming. From The Queen’s Gambit to PogChamps 3, chess has been popping. After watching The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix, I really wanted to relearn how to play chess. So I decided to play and practice chess every day for 30 days. I wanted to double my Chess ranking so I got help from a 2000+ rated chess player to give me tips on how to increase my chess rank as a beginner. Find out what happens in this crazy 30-day adventure!

David’s YouTube Channel: kingofkings_chess
David’s Twitch:
David’s Instagram: @davidvgauthier


00:00 – Introduction
01:03 – Wait his rating is over 2000?
01:55 – Matt (~600) vs. David (2000+)
02:18 – 3 Tips to Increase Your Chess Rating Fast
03:17 – Back on Track
03:51 – GothamChess lol
04:02 – 15 Days Left…
04:51 – Go Off My Guy
05:11 – Final Week
05:35 – The Almost Final Match
05:55 – The Comeback
06:03 – The Final Match
06:45 – Matt (1000) vs. David (2100+)
07:53 – Final Insights
09:27 – The Secret Playlist (shhhh)

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  1. Nice storytelling πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I never liked chess but this was enjoyable to watch πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  2. Love the fact that you are supporting chess and inspiring others by doing this challenge that chess is easy and anyone can do it!
    Good Job and keep going!
    My opinion was that you should have shown more details so that it would be easier for others to understand
    Great Content!

  3. commenting for the youtube algo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. Not gonna lie this video is better than all videos from Hikaru

  5. You’re very underrated you deserve so much more appreciation

  6. Magnus clicking on this be like….

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