How to Climb Beyond 500 Rating in Chess

Using a couple of games with a 430-rated player, I share some simple tips that — IF FOLLOWED — WILL help you to progress beyond a rating of 500.

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Photo by Abhishek Gaurav from Pexels


  1. Im 500 and everyone i play merks me lol not making silly mistakes like that

  2. When you moved your knight to d5 the first thing i thought was. I bet this guy is gonna capture it and blunder his queen. But i can relate ive been there only a few months ago where i wouldve done the same lol

  3. Just got onto your channel but really appreciate the content you're putting together.

  4. This did help me because I realized sometimes its better not to attack and just leave them to, but also I think a lot of players are better than this at that elo now, due to the chess boom and learning through youtube.

  5. I really enjoy your instruction and commentary. Keep it up!

  6. I’m a 546 in my replays I think I don’t really develop pawns and in the analyzing I notice I always miss a free knight or bishop

  7. Really great video. I can relate to so much of this. Have added you on Thankyou 🙏

  8. As a 500 score player, the video really was helpful. Keep your great work, I'm sure you would manage to make some viewers achieve 1000+ score.

  9. my issue is my blunders are normally because i spend time developing and i dont notice hanging enemy pieces, and i think missing hanging pieces counts as a blunder.

  10. This is NOT a 500 rated player. Ive been at 400-600 for quite a long time and this is definitely a 100-200 rated player

  11. Aw your cat meiowing!

    I think (hope) I'm coming out of the beginner swandive and am in the mid 560s, slowly rising. Very helpful vid to remember to exercise caution and patience! Thanks!

  12. I was rolling when he blundered the queen the second time in the exact same way.

  13. As a member of the 400 rated players, we will friendly deny this player as a member.

    What about you 300 rated players?

  14. How's this player that bad? I am at the same rating but my opponent never plays this pathetic!

  15. 2 minutes in he says that moving the queen up would pin the knight when the pawn would be blocking the path towards the king no? jeesh no wonder im rated 500

  16. Nahh, I've been playing 400-500 rated players, and they do not give that many blunders. What I find crazy is how I managed to climb to 655, then start losing all the time, and now I'm a little under 500. How is possible to get that much worse? Was I lucky at first or what

  17. As a someone who just reached 503 this video was very helpful. Never hang pieces

  18. I am stuck at 500 and have never in my life seen a 500 player blunder such a simple move

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