How To Become A Chess Grandmaster

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Many people have asked how to become a chess grandmaster and the other titles like international master. Now you have a video.

Wikipedia page:

Gender Gap:

2:57 NORMS

FIDE Handbook:

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  1. "I guide others to a treasure I cannot posses"

  2. Watching this video in May 2023. Levy sez he is trying to get to 200K subscribers. LOL! He now has 3.8 million subs! Congrats on making IM and on all the well-deserved subs too! (Love your courses BTW.)

  3. Chasing 200k subs and look where we are at now

  4. I'm 12 and COVID hit my chess ego bad

  5. Elo:833 my dream to became grandmaster♥️

  6. I hear that Frank found this video to be very helpful.

  7. Hey I'm 100+ elo so that makes me 4% GrandMaster right?

  8. Chess needs to become more sexy for more women to play, perhaps if Levy started making videos shirtless

  9. watching this now in 2023, hearing you say 200k is a crazy # of subscribers, while you're now at 4M. congratulations.

  10. 2500 GM
    2600 Super GM
    3000 Chess god

  11. اذا لماذا لست استاذ كبير

  12. I thought bro was asking how to become a grandmaster

  13. Saw this video yesterday after an awful run in a tournament. Would like it if you made a video about how to actually perform well in them, improvements in rapid time controls maybe, best openings for black and white, how to get into detailed calculations. How to avoid the dopamine moves, Making a detailed plan of attack after development development. Any one of these would be helpful

  14. Hey levy if you want to become a gm don't worry, just watch this video😉

  15. How to be a grandmaster at chess
    Me 497 elo

  16. men and women sports should be seperate always. no bullshit. like saying why are there no women drivers in F1.

  17. Strange woman and men's point systems are different to be a grandmaster. Makes a lot of sense with sports but not really with chess besides maybe a historical context?

  18. I tell my wife I’m a grand master. She just rolls her eyes. At least I feel like one when i win 10 games straight :P. I lose 10 straight sometimes too. It’s a tough game

  19. You don"t need anyone to title you as a master. Life does that for you

  20. Levy R.
    Pretty smart seeming guy
    😮 Smart seeming dude no …

  21. Me after beating Martin
    "Damn im the next GM"

  22. M currently having a rating of 1782 than is not possible for me to become a GM cuz i don't think so😅

  23. Bruh thought I could become one but I am 1050

  24. 日本語への翻訳がしっかりされていてすごいです👍

  25. not a single part of this video was actually How to become a GM?

  26. My dream is to be a grand master
    Now my score 1879 soon I'll reach

  27. Those who can’t do, make YouTube videos about the subject

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