How To Analyze Your Chess Games

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In this video, I am showing how to analyze a chess game with a computer and learn from mistakes. This is a really important skill for beginners, intermediate players, and advanced players as well. We take the game in 3 phases: opening, middlegame, and endgame, as well as practicality of computer suggestions and time management.

0:00 Intro
0:57 GAME 1 – RATED 1044
11:00 GAME 2 – RATED 1537
23:40 GAME 3 – RATED 2306

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  1. Day 1 of telling levy that he's a great teacher

  2. still waiting for you to tell me to get outta here

  3. Hilarious, whenever I play a bot, I always take back when I get anything other than a best move.

  4. Very helpful and encouraging. My takeway- learn from the analysis what I can understand and don't sweat what I can't. The lightbulb moment for me was when Levy said the game was well played because there were no blunders. Now that I can take to the bank! When I look at my moves the engine says were blunders its easy for me to see them. So rather than continue to try to decipher the mathematical spew of the analysis I am committed to analyzing every game for blunders and will try not to make them again.

  5. Thanks for this video this will really help me in improving my game 32:48 🎉🎉😊😊

  6. What levy said: to me this game is a 90% because white blundered nothing.

    What he wanted to say: to me this is a 90% game because my wife played it

  7. White is also your wife, but lets just skip over that point

  8. I've had a handful of "brilliant" moves and I was not smart enough to figure out "why" they were brilliant. lol

  9. In second game bishop takes pawn on f2 when queen and bishop make battery

  10. 29:39 as im rather new to chess… how would've rook e6 played out? The other options i can see the result of but i cant find a good conclusion to that

  11. How does a 450-rated player analyze games?

  12. levy how to make the rating appear when u make a move it appear like a book how

  13. So THAT is why i won once with a single digit rating

  14. Was Razorlike a Cheater.
    A man cannot play with 99% accuracy in more than 30 moves.

  15. This is a great video thank you levy

  16. Dear Levy this was a great video illustrating how to use computer analysis to understand 1) mistakes & blunders and 2) missed tactical shots. Could you please explain how to use computers or websites or software to spot & properly execute tactical maneuvers that are 5 moves long? (In puzzles and my games my accuracy falls dramatically off whenever the solution is 5 or more moves long). Also, for players who are already over 2000, how can we use computers or online websites to research how masters (or grandmasters?) play lines of our favorite openings that confuse us and give us trouble. Thanks!

  17. Engines don't know openings, huh? They seem to play that phase as good as they play middlegames and endgames. Kinda lost with that one.

  18. Back in the days when Levy was actually funny

  19. when i read the title of this video, i thought different lesson

  20. Day 457 of telling levy he's a great teacher ❤

  21. Levy analysing Lucy's game 🤗
    Vs lavy analysing your game 💀

  22. I don't understand why bishop to d4 is a mistake. Sure black got bishop d5. But then you got rook e1. Then black probably takes your bishop and puts you in check and the king has to slide over one square probably to h1. But then blacks queen is still in danger lined up with the king. So why is it a mistake?

  23. This video will help me understand how I should begin to really understand where I've screwed up when playing chess. Thank you for the tips!

  24. Day 1 of not breathing until levy like my comment

  25. How can I send you a game so you can tell me what I can do better?

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