How I went from 700-2200 Chess Rating in Just 2 Years!

Hello Everyone!
In this video, I give my best tips for chess improvement, as someone who went from beginner level to 2200 ELO in just 2 years! I hope this helps some of you out, feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.


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  1. Top 16000 and 0.2% in the world is insane…. Well done!!!

  2. I did it in 8 months but yeah 2 years is alright

  3. I must say for my part I will never reach this level because too lazy and not patient. I like puzzles though, but it seems yours you show at 4 minutes is impossible ? Qg1 you just give yours to the other Queen ??

  4. 2 years is a fast time to reach 2200? How long is the average time to improve to 2200?

  5. Always like your videos, very professional and easily understandable, using your methods are definitely going to make me a better chess player TY, wish you the best.

  6. Hannah, thanks for the video, very inspiring. I was wondering, what do you play when Black "refuses" to let you play the Ruy Lopez, i.e does not play 2… Nc6?

  7. Did all this… Heard it many times. I was around 1200 rating ten years ago… And still around 1200 rating still. Anyone who has tips that really helps? 😂

  8. Awesome video, i got stuck at way lower rating than Yours and will try all of the tips ^^

  9. Thank you, Hannah. These types of videos are so helpful. Thank you for being generous with your learning strategies.

  10. Being an old, grumpy GM, with low expectations on ”chess content” on youtube (I only watch Sadler’s ”silicon road” occasionally), I was surprised to see a chess related video on my list of recommendations, so I watched it. No surprise that you got so good, considering your process. Thx. For once my prejudice against chess content receded.

  11. 700-2200 in two years? It's very unusual for a player to make that much progress in two years. It shows a lot of natural ability which most don't have, so you most likely will not make that much progress even following her directions. I am 2200 also, and it has taken me a lifetime. I am thinking about using some of her advice though. lol

  12. Haven’t played chess since 2017 to focus on my studies, came back in 2023 Jan, went from 1800 to 2100 since, ultimate goal is 2500… simply playing everyday,solving puzzles/tactics and analyzing,,, yea she is right it does work

  13. she says play longer, He drops down to 1 minute games.

  14. It's fun to watch you on twitch to see an adult that improved quickly at chess. You've proven that you don't have to be a child prodigy to get good at chess.

    How's your club / IRL tournament play going? That's the part where I'm still shy to get into it yet.

  15. How do you start getting an Elo rating.. Can it be earned online

  16. The advice was great but the Pendles memorabilia makes this video even better! Go Pies

  17. Summary

    Learn how to improve your chess rating from 700 to 2200 in just 2 years with these valuable tips and resources.


    🕒 Play longer time controls to develop your calculating skills.

    🧐 Analyze your losses to identify weaknesses and improve.

    💡 Practice chess tactics daily to enhance pattern recognition.

    📚 Choose a solid opening repertoire and understand the underlying ideas.

    ♟ Focus on studying and mastering endgames.

    📖 Study Master games to learn how to build attacks.

    🎬 Explore underrated chess content creators for learning.

    These tips can help you make significant progress in chess.

  18. You forgot the most important rule: Never play f3

    Ben Finegold says in one of his videos that if you want to improve at chess just study and practice tactics ad nauseam, study the end game and review carefully the mistakes on your games until you get to 2000 rating. And then, and only then, you can start learning about openings and positional chess.

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  20. i dont believe u that u was like 700 elo after start.

  21. This video is deeply inspiring, didn't think it was possible to improve so much in such a short time: you're the proof that where there's a will there's a way! Can I ask you how many hours per day did you spend on chess to reach 2200?

  22. There was nothing about candidates 2023. I hate people who spam hashtags.

  23. Additional tipp for getting better over the board compared to online is solving puzzles on a real chessboard since 3d is completely different from 2d chess

  24. Impressive! I similarly got to 2000 in about a year recently and I was quite happy, but still looking for improvement. Thank you

  25. just watched this after seeing it on several other Discord servers, and i'm glad i did. thanks for the tips! :hannahhLove:

  26. Andras Toth and Naroditsky are easily the best 2 I've seen for chess content. Stepan (Hanging Pawns) is also very good mostly for opening introductions so far. And Finegold's good too if you can stand him LOL

  27. You have made an impressive climb. But you didn’t really start at 780, you’d played loads of chess before that. You came back to chess after a long time and were rusty as hell, you also got loads of growth don’t get me wrong. But starting in those 2 years your skill level wasn’t really that of a 780. Still insane growth especially for self taught, keep it up.

  28. Hannan is it ok playing at 10 mins? Or is it too short?

  29. I somewhat disagree with the slower time control. I jump 700 points a few months on mostly bullet chess and my other rating only 200 points lower when I moved up from bullets to slower time control. It also catch up in less than a month. Why? Because bullets really help you get the easy patterns and threats. The key point is to stop and analyze the game then put the improvements into the game rather than the time control. Some things are better as deep memory rather than understanding and calculating. Just like everyone memorize 5*3=15 rather than calculating 5+5+5

    And bullets are really good at making those memories stick by hammering it over and over at higher speed and quick repetitions. But most of all just do what’s fun for you, you wont get better if you dont spend time doing chess because you find it boring.

  30. Thank you for the tips. 1500 gain in 2 years is amazing. Our mind is wired to play at a certain level naturally. I found that playing, playing and playing for some reason doesn't help me improve rating, matter of fact that can make the rating worse. Spending time on studying, watching others and doing puzzles can help increase rating.

  31. Thanks for this video the tips are pretty cool and helpful. So I have a question for you, how much time did you train daily do do this big step and how much time do you recommand using per day

  32. Thanks for the tips. I will really look into all of it, except for the Ben Finegold part. I know he gives good lectures, but I can't stand listening to him trying to be a stand up comedian all the time. He thinks he's so funny, while he's just being extremely childish and not at all funny imo…

  33. I just played some 30 second games with you, and turns out I have seen your channel before.. I recognized the name when I saw it. Great work, and thanks for the games

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