How I went from 700-2200 Chess Rating in Just 2 Years!

Hello Everyone!
In this video, I give my best tips for chess improvement, as someone who went from beginner level to 2200 ELO in just 2 years! I hope this helps some of you out, feel free to leave any questions in the comments below.


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  1. I went from 1100-2000 in two years also. I got 2000 in blitz and rapid. I still don’t know the names of almost any openings, never studied, I just played ALOT of chess.

  2. +1500 points in 2 years is out of this world. You are insanely talented. I needed 20 years

  3. can you get addicted to chess? or does it become a chore after a while?

  4. You are very smart. What you've achieved seems like an impossible goal to me. I played chess for 5 months and reached 1450 on rapid.Playing chess is really hard. I hate it when I always get into a worse position against an opening I jave no idea about. Studying openings is so boring. Do you think I should study openings at this level.

  5. Amazing performances
    . Congratulations 😊

  6. I started chess 2 months ago and my first goal is to hit 1000 πŸ™‚ currently hovering around low 800s. Do you have any tips for low rated players breaking into intermediate?

  7. you look like melenia trump, plz showcase your eyes.

  8. Silman's Complete Endgame Course is a very good endgame book.

  9. I've seen it done in 2 months by Daniel Naroditsky and Chess Vibes, it's called a "rating climb"
    Congratulations on being an excellent chess player and a successful YouTuber though

  10. A key point is that modern chess openings is only 122 pages of normal text reading and the. The rest is variations. So this book is actually really good for club level players as well. The intro to each opening is about two to ten pages of text and mostly discusses the first few moves, and the main variations, and the main ideas, plans, and themes of the openings. So if you only read that and you skip to the next chapter your getting about the same information that you would get from a beginner book on openings. Except for with this book you can then play different ones, and when you find an opening you like you can go deeper in the variations page. This makes it good for use as a long term references not just a read through.

    But if you are looking for a book that does not go as deep with variations and is mostly text format the book fundamental chess openings would be the way to go.

    And for pawn structures I prefer the book Chess Structures over Pawn Structure Chess. It is updated with more opening structures explained and formatted more like a text book with bullet points for plans and goals for each side before and after example games.

  11. Why did you have no improvement in the last year?

  12. Just coming back to this after hearing a few months ago (it's in a playlist of mine).

    Can't believe it still only has 12k views, its an instant hit. Awesome vibe, beautiful video, + love the weirdness with the out of place booty gang lyric!

  13. I remember seeing Hannah when she was around 1100 or so and was shocked to see her with a 2200 rating while interacting with chat. I've come to the conclusion that either Hannah is a 5head or she is doing it the right way. Maybe the truth is a bit of both. Maybe she is talented but also found a good structure and has read and focused on the right things.

  14. those of us over 30 years old may have to lower expectations lol

  15. Hey Hannah, that AimChess suggestion looks very interesting! I may be getting a monthly subscription. Thanks!πŸ˜ƒ

  16. bro i never practice tactics…dang

  17. I play a lot of blitz got up to 1080 and then promptly lost it all and have been stuck around 900. Maybe longer time controls would be helpful. I play daily chess but even then find it hard to improve.

  18. it looks a bit off because no eye contact.

  19. What are the websites that you use to study chess openings?

  20. there is a course in udemy to take you from Beginner to 1900+, the course is 9 hrs long. Maybe you can check it out guys. Btw, it is so interesting for me too to get to 2000+ elo

  21. Today Anish Giri has made a course all chess openings in two volumes on chessbase india and gives you the basic in all openings with games that Giri has played. You will get some insight in high level chess and the ideas in every opening and you can choose what opening you like to play.
    Alessia Santeramo has a youtube channel where she plays from 0-2000 in rating and explains every move. Then she has study with another person helping to increase the rating. She also has a twitch channel

  22. To get to 2200, very high intelligence is a must πŸ™‚ And specifically spatial intelligence. I might make 1500 if I'm lucky. Very lucky. I'm trying longer time controls and it helps. I have time to perform a pre-takeoff check before every move. I'm trying to make it a habit but…

  23. Her FIDE rating is not 2200. Can anyone clarify?

  24. Bassically nothing new, its the fitness version of eating clean and going to bed early, in other word, you want to get good at something or improve your life needs to get boring… no magic pill

  25. Aim chess. 100 end games you must know. Tactics, modern chess openings. Hanging pawns.

  26. I'm not convinced that you were actually 780 strength… You were probably just underrated.

  27. I went from 1300 elo to 900 elo in 2 years.

  28. Instant subscribe for the collingwood poster

  29. There is no such thing as a chess rating below eight hundred. It is mathematically impossible because it implies that a person that only knows how to move the pieces will lose some ten percent of his games to someone that does not know how to play chess at all, and by the same token a person that does not know how to play chess is somehow credited with winning some ten percent of his games.

  30. Damn, i got 1900 in bullet in 4 years and i thought that was great…

  31. You're rated at 1,780 per FIDE – not 2,200 – an little-below-average club player [at least in my club]

  32. Ive beat 2000 on lichess as a 1200 but thats on 5 or 10 min

  33. Rating probably started at 1500-ish. It’s not possible otherwise. She just chose an account that started with zero elo

  34. To add to the YouTube channels: ChessNetwork is amazing, he explains positional play better than anyone I've seen.

  35. Not too bad for an adult. In these days, kids are the boss.

  36. I have to shout out John Bartholomew because he wasn’t mentioned. His Standard playlist is the best series of videos for improvement out there, imo

  37. Who is the Australian content creator? Andras Toth?

  38. The resume : Play more, Analyse , Practice

    Like anything else in life

  39. I missed the book on endgames – it seemed the vid jumped at that point. Could you please give me the title? Thanks…

  40. Nice t-shirt – I worked for the World Wildlife Federation many years ago.

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