How I Went From 0 to 1700 Chess Elo in One Year

Are you a beginner or intermediate Chess player looking to improve your game and climb the rankings? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, I share the best tips and techniques I’ve learned to gain Chess elo FAST and avoid plateauing.

It all started in January 2022 when I rediscovered the game of Chess through the Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit. Instantly falling in love with the game, I dove headfirst into researching the best learning techniques online. Fast forward just one year, and I reached the top 1% of players on, surpassing 1700 elo.

In this video, I present 24 do’s and don’ts to help you reach your Chess goals. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an intermediate player looking to improve, my tips will give you the edge you need to climb the rankings and dominate your opponents.


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0:00 – INTRO
0:42 – 0-800 ELO
3:26 – 800-1000 ELO
5:37 – 1000-1200 ELO
7:53 – 1200-1400 ELO
10:01 – 1400-1600 ELO
12:27 – OUTRO

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  1. Man this advice sucks. All of these content creators make using stock fish the only option

  2. Do:
    Play puzzles
    Watch YouTubers (chess vibes, chess talk, gotham chess)
    Play a few 10 min games a day

    Spend money
    Play bullet or blitz chess
    Worry about winning or losing

  3. It's hilarious 😂 , nice work man!

  4. it's not ELO rating online. ELO is given by FIDE.

  5. I'm 1200 ELO as a 12year old, but it's daily or whatever it was called and I think I'll have to play in a tournament to represent my school so that's a must win time

  6. What's that website where you're showing your win rates based on openings? That interface looks new to me and I can't place it.

  7. How do you look at past games like you do in the video?

  8. Been playing on and off for 9 months. Stuck in the 800-1000 range

  9. Well. I started in November (now it’s February), I’m a 1200 (from 400 elo), and I play the Taimanov Sicilian, my win rate is 80% with this opening. That’s the easiest Sicilian ever, unlike the dragon or Najdorf. I also play mostly only one opening – king’s Indian (defense as black, attack as white), I also do solve 60-400 puzzles every day with the Polgar’s book. Also, I bought a book with tactical and strategic ideas with explanations and drills by a Russian grandmaster Kalinichenko. Moreover, my mom has a collection of Botvinnik’s books (I’m from Russia) where he explains his every move and his strategy in general, that’s amazing since he played King’s Indian a lot.

    Also, I drill endgame books (variations of checkmate, how to play with one’s light pieces against others etc), and practice them with the computer on chess com. Further, I’m gonna buy more advanced strategical books or take some classes by a grandmaster.

    Of course, 1200 is not a good level, but it’s been only 2ish months and that’s okay I assume. I hope I’ll make my current books and drills done due the summer and be a ~1800, then I’ll hire a GM trainer to get to 2200 and obtain a CM title. Too ambitious? Yes. Do I give a heck about this opinion? No, I just gradually get better and pursue my goals.

    I have one more advantage, actually, I understand Russian and English more or less equally, which allows me to have access to a lot of great Soviet Union books.

    Good luck, guys, we’ll be better whatsoever!

  10. how can i not pay money for chess even though i want to grind puzzles

  11. I’m calling BS. There’s no way you learned this game from just solving puzzles

  12. I think joining a club is not good in the beginning I guess. Can anyone please answer?

  13. Which app you used to know your openings and opponents response

  14. me who play queen gambit and all the indian variant

  15. Bro I win so many times with the Sicilian. And I'm bellow 800.

  16. Tip: when you play black, do (when they take the center) kc6,pb7-b6,bb7,0-0.

  17. I must be really stupid. I’ve played chess for 35 years and I’m still 600. 😂

  18. I learned chess as a little kid from my dad, with some basic opening names. I got into chess at the age of 23. I had no rating nothing. My boss that time played chess and I challanged him. I won 1 game and lost one game while he had a rating of 1400 and my rating was nowhere to be found. After that he invited me join the club and play for the club, I accepted and that is when I started. My first rating I got official from FIDE/KNSB(national country rating) was 1400-1500ish. Now I am around 1950 FIDE/KNSB.

    How I did it:
    1. Solve tactical puzzles. This is the MAIN focus under 1900. Most chess games get decided by tactics up till ~1850. Mostly spend time on 1, 2 and 3 move tactics and try to be able to spot them quickly. It is important to know a lot of patterns but also spot them quickly to save time on the clock.
    2. Study basic/advance openings. Get a few books on the openings that suit your style. (are you tactical or strategical player).
    3. Study basic endgames. Get a nice book about it cause this is better than watching videos all day.
    4. Also a very important one is ANALYSE YOUR GAMES! Wins or loses, analyse them BOTH. You need to figure out what you did good and not good in both wins and loses to improve.
    5. After 1800+ once you get hardstuck there at any rating, it is adviced to seek a coach to help you figure out what you can do. Most times it is hard for yourself to find out what is your weakness and strengths. This is mainly because you have a more understanding of chess and it is harder to see for you what needs to improve mostly.

    If you want a fantastic book about chess what really will 100% help you.
    The Center – A modern strategy guide
    This book will 100% improve your chess cause it gives great sample games and analysing about what both players do good and not good in a very easy way to understand. This book is pure gold.

  19. If u play englund gambit Feincheto variation it's godly for biggeners because opponent doesn't even know what to do against it

  20. Rah he almost has a mil views yet hes still only at 8k subs??

  21. been stuck to 850 3 years lol, and still am

  22. It doesn't matter if you aren't of high IQ. You will hit a wall and stay there. Or like me you go down and can't win a game for the life of me. At one point it's not fun anymore and you quit. No amount of studying or time will beat someone of high IQ. Y'all have fun beating a brick wall.

  23. This is so instructive! I also did it very similar to you, learned the rules a year ago, plateaued like 2 months on 1100-1200 and now I'm 1600 rapid

  24. What's the name of the app you're using to view your games?

  25. A newbie has started a chess channel, if he can do it we can all do it in whatever we want!! Also good instruction how to learn something in general especially with the Internet and ai these days

  26. Great video 🙂 Interested to have a video on your opening répertoire, especially as black against d4 !

  27. 🇿🇦💚💛❤️💙💜🇿🇦loved the vedio😎🍻

  28. Since you said don't spend money below 1000 do you still recommend the gold membership for unltd puzzles or did you use sth else? Cheers 🙂

  29. currently 1200 imma push to 1700 within a month

  30. 11:20 bro recommended straight don'ts, you literraly can acces to 99% of chess books for free on the web and that inckudes chess books about openings.

  31. Inspiring! Watching on Day 1. Shall report back. 😊

  32. I go from 400 elo to 1800 elo in 7 months?!

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