How I Got a 2000 Chess Rating in Just 2 Years

“If chess is a passion, it’s a rewarding one. If chess is a mistress, she’s a demanding one. If chess is life, it’s a sad one.”


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Jokubas Sireikis

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  1. Really more of a “what” you did instead of “how” you did it.
    Anyone looking for what study techniques, etc., to use to advance their rating the way you did will be disappointed, as I am.

  2. Really nice editing, man! Lovely storytelling, too.

  3. I enjoyed this video but I kind of have watchers blue balls lol. Really would have liked to see some reflection on how it felt to reach 2000, was it worth it? Do you still have a passion for chess? I guess you were saving that for another video. Also (and I hate to be negative) but for a video titled "How I got a 2000…" there wasn't much in the way of tips…anyway best of luck to you bud.

  4. How the heck did you progressed so fast to being a tournament winner?
    People barely reach 1.5k with years of playing.

  5. Hey! What books do you recommend I read if I am a complete beginner?(like I know the rules of the game but not much apart from that)

  6. Started mine a couple weeks before you hit your 2000. I dropped down to a low 150 and now I'm a 550 and continuing to climb. The journey has been the best so far!

  7. I reached 2k in just over a year, too. If you're dedicated enough, 2k elo suddenly seems not so hard.

  8. Started playing a couple months ago im 700 elo but i also be beating 1000+bots and this motivated to keep going

  9. Why so many people vegin chess of this netflix film

  10. Great video, truly amazing 🙂 Would really love to see a detailed video showing exactly how you trained, learned and improved as I would like to do the same 🙂 I see you've already commented that you're gonna do that, so this is just a reminder that it will be much appreciated 😀

    Again, great vid!

  11. An then me, after 3 years, rated 800

  12. I had my first chess game in December 11 2022. I'm now 760 elo after playing like 5 games a day or so and watching some YouTube content every now and then. Is it good enough? Or should I step up my game if I Wana get to the 1ks?

  13. OMG! I am not exaggerating when I say that this is literally the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life, it's been more than 6 years since I laughed let alone smile since my depression made it impossible, I literally didn't smile once without faking those last year's even when watching the highest rated comedy shows and video games, movies, it didnt matter, but your video made me genuinely smile, thank you for making me remember what that feels like, maybe one day you could even make me laugh, I am subscribing even though I never do.
    Signed:a fellow 2100 rated player

  14. Bro got 1710 and i still can't get pass the 500

  15. This is so inspiring! I want to get to 2000 in the next 3 years or so. At 1700 now but can’t study too much because I got college

  16. i got 2000 in like 1-10 months i forgot i got it when i was 10 and i am now 22

  17. Cool story, congrats, but you don’t say how you did it 🙂

  18. How the fuck he has only 3k. Its some professional cinematogrophy level shit. Really loved the passion in this video. Def subcribed

  19. Damn this was so good. I hope you breakdown your routine so we can follow.

  20. What a motivational video and fabulous editing! 👏♟️❤️

  21. Such clickbait. Not a single word on how you did it.
    "Draw the rest of the fucking owl"

  22. I did it in 11months from 1070-2000 (not that anybody ask)

  23. I gonna blush my way all the way from 740 to 600

  24. Dman! Nice. I am playing online chess for 2 years also. But I am only 1400. Hope to be better like you. Really appreciate the video!

  25. Wait- you were at school with Magnus???

  26. This is a really inspiring video. I managed 900 Rapid to 1600 in a year and I worked at it hard. I'm looking forward to your follow up

  27. I am beginner now @1200 at chess what points you think i will achieve in the end of 2023?

  28. Bro , you are funny as hell

    You are the first chess player that actually made me laugh

    cheers buddy

  29. how did u learn miidle game plan?? suggest us some courses /books plz

  30. Looks like it’s time to get to 2000 after a kinda long plateau of some months

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