How I Got a 2000 Chess Rating in Just 2 Years

“If chess is a passion, it’s a rewarding one. If chess is a mistress, she’s a demanding one. If chess is life, it’s a sad one.”


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Created by
Jokubas Sireikis

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  1. Oh wow. I was really hoping the video would inspire someone, but the amount of positive feedback is truly overwhelming. A couple of things:First, this definitely deserves a more detailed follow-up video that focuses more heavily on my study routine, mindset, books, etc.Second, I made this video purely for the love of the game and my recent obsession with video editing. Seeing so many people enjoying it, getting inspired, and sharing their chess journeys is incredibly rewarding and motivating.Lastly, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I haven't been this happy in a long time.

  2. This took way too long to make. If my story in any way inspired you, please consider subscribing and sharing the video!

  3. Wow i play for almost the same time and got obssesed with the game aswell, only problem is that i have peak only 1700… Goog job.💪

  4. 2000 elo AND a film-making prodigy? Where are the ladies???

  5. I've just started my chess journey, just hit 1100 blitz, chess is all ive been thinking about for a month 🤣 Great vid also!

  6. I hope the algorithm will bless you. Great video.

  7. Wow how are there only 100 views, this deserves way more

  8. What would you say where the books that helped you the most to achieve your goal? Incredible video btw

  9. i started playing last august and my rating is 1500 now

  10. very good video man 🙂 deserves a lot more subs

  11. You are absolutely insane for going from 1000 to 2000 in a year and 3/4, congrats ! May i ask how many hours were you spending per day and what openings did you find the most successful during the climb? This is from a 1200, great video and thank you.

  12. I genuinely thought this video was from somebody who had <100k subs

    Very well made

  13. Can you make a video on scandi modern. And go over Moves like e4.d5.exd5.nf6.nc3. Or e4.d5.exd5.nf6.c4 and e4.d5.exd5.nf6.bb5

  14. Congrats, man. That's really astonishing achievement. On average how many hours a day do you think you were spending a day studying/playing a day?

  15. Just for contest, i really need to know if magnus' really was your classmate hahaha

  16. very nice video man, this thing is going viral, wait and see!

  17. Okay so you were a tournament player when you were young, +2 more years. So not 2 years but more than 2 years, in other words, a completely normal chess player.

  18. Great video, instan sub. Just wondering, was it in bullet, blits or rappid you got 2000?

  19. This video is so good your channel will blow up

  20. Congrats on 2000 Rating! any tips for improving for intermediate/advanced players?

  21. Congrats u r an absolute beast 🐐!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to ask u how many books you have read and if you can tell them (I am sturggling to improve 🙁 )

  22. Amazing stuff. I started playing in May and am now 1300-1400 feeling like I wasn't gonna keep progressing much, but this motivates me lol

  23. Still waiting for you to explain HOW you got to 2000…

  24. Loved the vid but felt like it ended a bit premature for me – idk why.

    Would be nice say around 1900 onwards if you showed maybe 1 or 2 games where you lost or draw that set you back before finally hitting that 2k dream.
    Maybe a commentary on how it felt playing someone who was 2000 rated for the first time etc – small stuff like that would have added a more personal flair for me.

    Loved the vid and this isn't hate by any means just my preference

  25. Nothing to brag about i had 2500 in 2.5 years

  26. I feel many similarities 🙂 i installed chess in november 2021 and never ever before played it. I amsuper addicted. Till now i played 4000 games

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