How I Got a 2000 Chess Rating in Just 2 Years

“If chess is a passion, it’s a rewarding one. If chess is a mistress, she’s a demanding one. If chess is life, it’s a sad one.”


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Jokubas Sireikis

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  1. best tip: PLAY THE FUCKNG GAME.

    even if you dont follow youtubers adivce, and just play all day, and still get your sleep, if you analyse your games n shit you will develop more strategy, even though its less than someone who followed advice and gambits n stuff.

  2. Damn. I started around similar time, I think two months after I watched the show. And I got from 700 to peak 1100 🙃😀 I am even similar age.
    I mean, I was thinking to buy some books and start study, but mostly I just like to play the game in trains or buses or when I just have the time. I think during more than the two hours I played around 800 hours, so around an hour per day, so I guess thats not that much.
    But the question is, if I want to tryhard it or just enjoy the path even I don't reach the goal, and I guess I more want to enjoy it. 😀
    I initially started to play to get better in some ways (for example indecision), so just continue in that, even in that would be slower due to enjoying it.

  3. Got from 800-1800 in 8 months of first time ever playing chess. My goal for this year was 1800, now it became 2000. I have 4 months left to accomplish that. At best I could eventually get to a level of 2100 in 4 months I believe, potentially even higher. Next year I'll try to become gm, or at least im.

  4. Very impressive, also realllyyy liked this video. Is YouTube and/or video making something you want to continue in?

  5. wait who is that friend becouse i do not believe that your guy is magnus

  6. Good video. Congratulations on your achievement.

  7. Thank you for specifying music

  8. Can you list the content you referred to because the problem is IDK where to start from so much content available but how do IK which one is worth referring?

  9. I got 1000 elo after 2 months. 900 games went by 😂

  10. 4.09k subs only? I’m investing, this guy will blow up

  11. Adding a scene from "Dumb and Dumber" during the first game is just hilarious! 😂😂

  12. You inspired me to start my chess journey, started 1 month ago and I hit 1000 in rapid a few days ago! I am looking forward to the future of loving this game

  13. Fake video. He didnt actually reach 2000 rating. Hes just farming subs.

  14. Very nice video! I really enjoyed it. Well done on reaching your goal of 2000!

  15. How did u manage to do it? I feel like I've learned so much this month. But my rating went up 200 and back down 200. What was your eureka moments ? I am aiming for 1600 at 1400.

  16. Hey! I'm going for it! I'm 52. Wish me luck, I'll let you know how I do this year! (Currently less than 700. Hoping to reach 1000 by the end of the year!)

  17. What did you study? Especially starting out, did you buy courses? Books?

  18. Reminded me of subway surfers below a chess game except its scorsese movies

  19. Your video is really inspiring. Thank you a lot 😁

  20. How many hours a day did you study for to get to 2000? How many chess books have you read?

  21. I started two months ago but now I’m a 500 elo

  22. I started two months ago but now I’m a 500 elo

  23. THis video made me realize how much matt damon looks like magnus carlsen

  24. that has to be one of the most creative please like and subscribe i have ever seen and im here for it

  25. i played chess for 8 years and im still a 1400 at best and an average 1200 joe

  26. You could have taken the 'How' out of the title and this vid would've been the same click-bait brag. If you want to show us some substance, please go into detail about the study methods you used to obtain your 2K rating. Dismissed.

  27. The fact that the pieces moving synced with the background music is oddly sastifying

  28. That please like and subscribe in the google searches was smartttt

  29. My rating is 1500 should i read chess books and if yes so which one ?

  30. Made 3 brilliants in 1 game and over 100 in a month i am proud!

  31. In 1 ½ years I made it to 1400. You're amazing

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