How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. Nobody:

    Ludwig: "I became a grandmaster by cheating"

  2. “to not only beat him in chess, but to beat hi”
    option 1: s mother
    option 2: m in real life

  3. I've never heard Gotham chess say a swearword

  4. You do not know what a grandmaster is.

  5. Nobody knows why I get these much likes

  6. I love the part when he becomes a chess grandmaster

  7. You know you're a little over 12 years, right?

  8. “Comeback motherfuckers” at the end got me dying

  9. Lol. Most open cheating scandal on record

  10. He cheated. So he never became a grandmaster.

  11. So which grandmaster did levy have in his ear telling him all the grandmaster moves, or did he rise above his IM title for you this one time?

  12. Bruh it’s crazy that in one of his vids he said that gotham chess was bad

  13. Thankfully the comments are thinking the same thing I am

  14. well even gotham isn't a gm 🤣 thats just a dream. Frank will become gm earlier than levy does.

  15. Intese game, I have no idea what happened.

  16. so….. you didn't become a chess grandmaster…

  17. Here's the perfect word for you ludwig somebody stop me

  18. Look like that one episode from spongebob when he is trying to get the driving license😅

  19. Hm, I feel slightly jabated Ludwig, this feeling irks me.

  20. Gotham Chess is not even a grandmaster. This video is a farce.

  21. Halo theme song in the background 🤣

  22. the uselessly hidden headphones were the punch line of this whole thing, he couldve just connected the bigger headphones to the same line

  23. And then he lost to Connor in chess boxing. 😂

  24. I literally became a grandmaster in under 17 weeks😂

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