How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. Forget the ear phones, gotta use a butt plug like the pros

  2. Which website are they playing on please tell me

  3. Ludwig: defeats a grandmaster with IM
    Also Ludwig: My strength is incomparable, I'm impeccable, I am now (still not)a grandmaster!!!!

  4. “how i became a grandmaster”

    uses international master for help

  5. That didn’t make you a grand master… misinformation is going to get a little kid confused. Right now, you are title-less. Also, Gotham is an IM.

  6. Levy is a IM. Studied with a crack addict not a chess master

  7. Levy being a grandmaster sounds like something that would never happen

  8. I love gotham said Come back motherfuckaers

  9. Watching yt shorts is making me lose brain cells

  10. Francisco javier De la torre barrena says:

    Lud really thought if you combine elo you became a gm

  11. You guys dong get that the kid was 12 and rhus guy ain't which is impossible

  12. GothamChess isn’t even a grand master tho 😂

  13. Gotham chess is not a grandmaster. Therefore he did not become a grandmaster overnight. Also, you have to do certain rules in a chess tournament to become a grandmaster so he cannot become a grandmaster overnight like the way he did do it.

  14. Or just play on a actually board for no cheats with u freinds

  15. "he took 12 years" NO he DID IT at 12 years he wasnt just playing chess in the womb

  16. Even easier play against a person then go to play chess with an AI and make the same moves the other person does after that respond to the person with the moves of the AI

  17. "decided to do it a little faster"
    kid already beat you.

  18. So you became a grandmaster by making a International master play for you?
    Yeah no that checks out

  19. Well i beat your bot when iam at 500 rating 😶

  20. Gotham is an international master, not a grand master.

  21. Bro you played like an International Master (IM) not Grand Master (GM)

  22. I like the part when he became a grand master

  23. Ludwig’s logic be like: I’m just a little hungry *eats the whole cow

  24. Levy's not a gm, so your techinically also not a Gm. You're an IM max

  25. You can tell he wasn’t and didn’t need pay because of the reactions he was having clearly having fun

  26. Guys the video is correct because gotham had the stockfish anal beads vibrating him the right move

  27. My ears would hurt as hell if I used headphones on top of earphones 😅

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