How I Became a Chess Grandmaster

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  1. and because im an english major i easily understood gotham and became a grandmaster

  2. Bro I Fr didn’t see the headphones at first 💀

  3. Ludwig:why does my chat always think I’m cheating!?
    Also Ludwig:

  4. Where is the logic in this video mannnnn

  5. Dude hes like 800 just focus and youll win

  6. The fact he says grandmaster just because it sounds better really makes me mad because he knows levi is a International master but he wanted the video sound cool but the damn thing is stupid because we all know levi is not a GM

  7. Bruh gotham saying " come back motherfuckers " had me dead lol 😂

  8. I thought for a second you got the buttplug

  9. Bro defeated a 800 elo with the help of a "GM" and thinks he became a GM

  10. Ok the fact that Levy could not use the top notch information he gave u to become a GM himself is pretty hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  11. I’ve been alive for 12 years and all I’ve accomplished is getting a Pikachu with a cool hat in Pokémon go

  12. so you're not a grandmaster you're just the average person that plays chess?

  13. Gotham is not a gm, so you did not became a gm.

  14. plot twist : Gotham was also in a secret conversation with hikaru

  15. Holy shit! A video where Lud doesn’t bring up the fact he has an English Major!

  16. Gotham is soooo under gm level. Just look at him and any other gm. He makes way more questionable plays

  17. Suppose Levy would have said He sacrifised his ROKKKKKKKKKKKK IN his way🗿🗿🗿
    His ears would have no sensation after that ✌🗿

  18. Nice! Should we all try it out too, just replacing "Grandmaster" with "Stockfish", if we don't know one?

  19. The vibrating butt plug is a much more fool proof way of cheating in chess

  20. "i became a grandmaster"
    "with help of levy – an international master"

  21. Gotham chess is an IM? Never gonna be a GM either 😑

  22. "and with these headphone"
    Proceed to point to an airpod

  23. You know levy isn't even a grandmaster?

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