How I accidentally gained 500 rating in chess


Song: Don’t Stop Me Now


  1. good stuff men keep it up 😉 you can explode 😀

  2. BasE_Dope / Trickshot recruiter / Callofdeath1997 says:

    curious to see how this channel will play out

  3. I went from 900-1600 and this gives me memories from 900 onwards. As white thats basically how I used to play. 900 was always trying to attempt the knight fork with the bishop. 1000-1100 was all about getting that strong center. At 1200 you used to start learning about pins. 1300 was all about trying to think a move ahead which was key to getting to 1400. 1500 was mostly trying to add what you learned at 1400. To get to 1600 though was brutal you constantly go up and down and you have to constantly check that your not making blunders. Although one thing for sure if you are a piece down at my level if you put pressure on your opponent you can still win.

  4. conclusion: to gain some easy ELO in bullet, play stupidly aggressively and don't care about anything

  5. I'm having a lot of fun playing chess and making these kinds of videos, thanks for watching and more soon!

  6. Keep on improving! 🙂 🙂 🙂 chess is extremely difficult, keep rocking it

  7. As some who went from 1360 in mid-January 2021 to 1820 in late November, I would recommend playing at least one game and one puzzle rush per day since that really helps. I played the Vienna Gambit or Alapin Sicilian as white (GothamChess) and the French Defense (Anish Giri/Chessbase India) and Nimzo/Queens Indian Defense (Hanging Pawns) as black. I recently switched to d4 openings (Catalan/Hanging Pawns) when I hit 1800 so we’ll see how that works for me. I’m hoping to reach 2000 someday! I’m still enjoying the game and hope you will too as you continue to climb the rating ladder.

  8. that 1 minute game should be submitted to guess the elo

  9. Bro, how are your opponents this bad, mine at 800-900 are 200 IQ, and when i check analysis i didn’t blunder that much

  10. Great music and chess, can't be any better of a video

  11. dislike, you NEVER gained 500 rating accidentally, pieces can not do checkmate if you are not knowing wheres the mate, btw congratulations for your chess evolved

  12. 1:20 why didnt you eat her queen and check the king also threatening the rook?

  13. The amount of times a queen was hanging in this video pains me

  14. I (when I just started playing chess) was playing with my dad (who is pretty good at chess) and he misclicked and I won and went up around 400 points

  15. Did christmas came early this year?
    – PlayKanKan

  16. and then there's me who gets to 995 rating and then drops down to 800 over and over again

  17. I actually went from 450+ in december 2020 rated to 1250+ in arpil 2021 which is pretty insane but what I did was just watch chess videos and boom in 5 months I gained 800+ elo. I haven't played chest in 6 months tho hopefully after this pandemic I can enjoy it once again.

    Edit: I had chess experience before I played again in december 2020 but was only 600+ rated

  18. This game was an emotional rollercoaster!!

  19. I went from 1000-2100 and I’m still finding chess fun

  20. The video is hilarious, but the blunders were like a stab to my heart

  21. why is this in my recommended, and why is it so good omg

  22. It's weird how some 10min rapid players are worse than 3min blitzers, isn't it?

  23. Your rating was like "GAS GAS GAS" takumi drifting in the background

  24. This song should be the next Baka mitai

  25. Alternative title:
    Tamelapse of becoming better at chess

  26. 3:31 You're not supposed to laugh at your opponents but on your stream.

  27. i started about a month ago, im now at 1250 blitz from 700, improving is just fun rn

  28. I really don't know why but I liked this video

  29. As a 2150 lichess player, I dont understand why low rated players are generally saltier and stupider than people at my level. A 1200 saying "get shit on loser", really? He's below average in intelligence and below average at chess skill and below average at life and he says that? Makes no sense to me. Why talk shit when you're not even good? Why talk shit at all really?

  30. As a Candidate master, this hurts my eyes….

  31. 2:01 How come you lost in one move? Don't you have the abort option till then?

  32. Game 1, works well at low ranks, just play safe and don't blunder and accept free pieces that are given to you
    Game 2, Fried Liver attack also works well at lower ranks
    Game 3, At this point I was very confident in your ability to climb the ranks
    Game 4, You declined a free Queen 4 times in a row wtf is this game. It feels like after you played this game at 900 elo you either stopped playing and read a chess book for once
    or your evil genius twin brother took over the account .

  33. sometimes i look back on my old games from when I was a little chess baby and am blown away with some moves I made lmao damn I was stupid.

  34. I thought it was about how a noob got 1500 rated because at the start I saw nothing but blunders

  35. Thats a lot of misclicks if you got there on accident

  36. Giving people headache, so many botez gambit declined

  37. If these are not bullet games then may lord have mercy on the souls of everyone featured in this video

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