How I accidentally gained 500 rating in chess


Song: Don’t Stop Me Now


  1. Game three you missed a hanging rook and queen. Good lord.

  2. How do you know main line fried liver for like 8 moves but then blunder your and his queen about 18 times in one game????

  3. Those were some epic misses on queen x queeen!!

  4. Everyone else: "Wow, that's quite the progression for this guy!"

    Me: Jammin to the music from Shazam in the background

  5. This is still going for me! I was 700 10 months ago, now, I am 1700! This is quite nostalgic for me and it still brings me joy! You have the times you fall and rise, but ultimately, you get better. Chess is a game of practice and pattern recognition, you get better in it as you play, fail, learn. This is what we are all taught in school and this applies to everyone. You start looking for more, craving into the position and start spending more time thinking, go into depth and find what looks best for you. This really sounded like a motivational speech and you can interpret it as one but it was not really my goal. Great vid I would say to inspire and it did inspire me a lot to keep marching forward. Because it is fun to see your rating go up as well as your bragging rights (;

    Very wholesome, thank you, you made my day better 😀

  6. Very good video; The editing the music the chess board. + it’s so relatable I went from 600 to 1200

  7. This is what i needed after all those Baka mitai meme games

  8. 1:25 where do i find these guys? i'm playing 600 blitz and facing guys that have 70% accuracy usually. sometimes i get some bad guys, other times i'm the bad guy lol.

  9. There is something really magical about watching weak players play chess. And I have no idea how should I feel about the fact that I get games like these from time to time at 2000 in Rapid…

  10. Yesterday I beat a russian 1500+ elo with a royal fork suffocation mate and he blocked me when I sent him friend request because I've not reached 1500 and I beated his ass twice XD

  11. This is painful and funny to watch at the same time

  12. 1:19 how tf hanging both your queem and rook considered an exellent move?

  13. Oh I thought they were just gonna make a Lichess account

  14. I actually played with you ony smurf account! It was a very quick game thought

  15. And there’s me who can’t win not once and is at rating 435

  16. I remember climbing from 200 to 800 in two days
    Hopefully this kinda thing happens again lmao

  17. I will try my best to not remember that you had endless opportunities to take his queen and rook for free :))))))))))))))))))

  18. I played your 3rd game that with the knight sac on e5 exactly the same exactly at 1200 by the way

  19. I’m confused how the game in The middle let you get away away with like 3 queen giveaways. Either we’ll Wel played sir

  20. I'm on this grind rn. My rating was like 400 nd now I'm at 800 and going up. Feels good making progress toward being mediocre lol

  21. And now u play the 1300-1500 and go damn this is a lot more work😭I’m 1300 rated and I’m having difficulty getting to 1500

  22. I cant believe ppl can be toxic even in chess..

  23. at 2:29 can someone tell me how its mate in 1 please im new to chess

  24. thanks for giving me the satisfaction of the instant karma at the end

  25. Wtf was that one game where there was a hanging queen 15 times

  26. Fun match but some of them looks like yall drank a little bit too much

  27. how do you play people who look like their 200s while when I play 800s they get almost every good move and never blunder anything..

  28. all your games resign by middle game and you abandon so many games

  29. Severely disappointed to not hear Baka mitai

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