How Does a 2000 Rated Chess Player Think?

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  1. this is not showing how a 2000 player thinks, the game is a joke

  2. I am 900 in rank. And what i notice is as you play it more the chances of mistakes gets low.

  3. 1:16 Bishop to E3 (v.o. said F3 I think…) cannot be played because of A6, feel stupid to ask but why is that?

  4. How could a 1962 player not see that fork? Astonishing

  5. Bro you missed ,not a blunder but if you played ne6,pinning rook and queen you can have a free rook as you have no check to avoid that fork

  6. Ouch blundering a queen to a fork when you are rated 2000 must feel bad

  7. I'm going to stick my neck and and say he didn't see the rook and queen at first because he was more focused and talking.

  8. but i battled a 1500 rating when im just a 700+ rating i beated the guy because of his 1 blunder that was a lucky moment the moment he blundered was the moment i won

  9. title: how a 2000 player thinks

    by a 1900 player

  10. Fcuk the backgrd music. Is so annoying and distracting

  11. POV: Chess but u have to capture the royalty

  12. He played Rf7 (which is already a bishop blunder) so that he can take with the rook but then he takes with the king to prevent the rook and queen fork and instead walks into a king and queen fork. I did not expect that from a 1900 rated player but it was hilarious.

  13. I made it to 1200 in bullet and rapid and I am in the Legends league. I am happy enough with that to start reading my openings book!

  14. Oh, wow, it's like the lessons! I've had trouble applying those at like the 800 level, where people make moves that make no sense and then blunder their way into good positions when their confused opponents fail to refute them.

  15. It's really easy for me to learn from videos like this, when you just play and comment your thoughts, unlike from lessons with bunch of theory, thanks a lot!

  16. It is awesome to be able to watch you play and explain.

  17. I love how the video just cut out XDD That wasn't even a whole rapid game, the opponent just didn't know how to play the Sicilian and blundered hahaha. This video feels parodical, like bruh, the only way to know how 2000's think is when you're 2000 rated, plain and simple

  18. If this is what it means to be a 2000-rated player, I'd rather stay at 1200.

  19. Your opponent is not appropriately rated. All you did was play a general idea in the Sicilian, pawn storm the king. Black was simply just trash. Better players won't go down without a fight.

  20. So you think the same as me, but I can't beat a 1200.

  21. may I ask how you learned chess? did you learn principles? or just do it intuitively?

  22. Haha I mean at the start it's theory theory (what do I need to think about?) Theory theory. Ok I don't know this one… Did I get something wrong? Ok probably this etc

  23. Can anyone explain why at 3:06 he didn’t move the knight to e6, forking the rook and queen?

  24. I understand how its common at the buffoon level of chess I play at. But never thought nearly 2000 rated players gave away obvious queen forks lile that!?

  25. i dont think you are a gm else you would have seen ne6 in 3:14

  26. That's why you usually want to play Bd7 as Back instead of Bb7 since that weakens the e6 square way too much in this system.

  27. So basically be paired against someone who makes a 1200 blunder. Cool

  28. Begginers are plain stupid
    Intermediate wich im part of just notice the blunders after its made
    Advance people yea solid stuff cant understand how they feel against a 2000
    2000s i would assume they dont know how a 22-2300 would think and a 2300
    would not know how a 2500 would think and a 2500 like the 2300 to a 2500 does not know what a 2700 does
    and a 2700 would have a hard time taking a 2800 because of the 100 elo gap


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