How do You Find Out Your Chess Rating?

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  1. I played 400+ games so far and now at 800 is it safe to say that's my rating?

  2. There are fake ratings way more in 2023. I’ve been beaten less in 2022 and 2019. Ratings exist, but the real one is not visible today

  3. My friend said he was 1700 because he was in a tournament and got high in. I’m a 925. Started two months ago and crushed him multiple times in a row. Won every game. It’s actually funny af.

  4. If i have 2300+ scores in blitz game and still don't have any title, is it possible to get one?

  5. I didnt need to play 20-25 I just started at 400

  6. Are there rapid otb tournaments and do they give you a rating?

  7. I got my rating after my first classical game

  8. What rating do I use (for example blitz, bullet, rapid, etc.)

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