His Chess Rating Is What??

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  1. He is indeed rated 1250. I paired him with Stockfish 14 Level 2 (1100) and Level 3 (1400) from Lichess and he managed to defeat the first, but he lost to the second, which means that he's right in the middle (1250)

  2. There is a lot of explainations, maybe his rating was build by his children under his account, or maybe you just played agaist his kid or even his cat

  3. i thought 1000-1200 because these athletes always get higher ratings

  4. i would have guessed 500 based on those two games

  5. I guessed 1100 because I added a couple 0s to the back end of his Arizona Cardinals jersey number. Turns out that guess was close to the AI's actual rating and might have been what the rating should have been listed as when you look at the 2 games in this video.

  6. i thought from first game below 1000 maybe 800 and from second that it was 500 or lower..

  7. The comments overestimate 1200 cc as like 1200 USCF lmfao.

  8. I was expecting 800. Those games were not what I would expect from that rating level. I do think the programming was a bit off.

  9. "I feel like we didn't get a lot of information in this game." Yes we did. We really did.

  10. He is not even 1150, he is 950 rated. I thinks these systems are out of control.

  11. Of course the football player bong clouds just to showboat

  12. I'm around 1100-1200 rated and he did not play even close to that… maybe 700

  13. I tought you were gonna 1v1 him for real not his bot 😂😂😂 you baited me ggs

  14. My guess was around 900. Actually on move 2 of the first game my guess was going to be something like 2500+ but programmed to play the Bongcloud but it was immediately clear that wasn't the case.

  15. 6:10…what is this, guess the ELO, ChessVibes edition?! Took a page from @GothamChess, I like it!! 😂😂 So let's see…Larry's early king and queen moves were really kinda weird, the king move in game 1 really made me scratch my head. All the while I'm thinking what he was trying to strategize by voluntarily giving up all rights to castle with no attacks anywhere. Wow…I'm gonna say Larry's about a 550 rating, a tad generous, I'm sure, but there's no way I'm thinking he's of lower rating than that. Let's find out. 🤔🤔

    Edit: WHAT??!! 1250??!! 😱😱 Boy, was I way off target. 🤣🤣

  16. "A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him." *David Brinkley

  17. I was at Raymond James Stadium for the a Super Bowl in 2009. Larry played the feared HoF Receiver in the Slot Against a Weak Cover-2 gambit in the 4th quarter. Being a Steelers fan, I was shouting, “Fitzgerald’s in the slot! Get out of the Cover-2, LeBeau!” Even though I was only a couple thousands rows above the field, the Steelers didn’t hear me. Sure enough, Larry strolled into the center of the field and lit up the Steelers for a touchdown. I swear I heard him giggling over the crowd.

    The Steelers ended up winning that day with the Holmes counter-gambit, but Larry Fitzgerald showed that he could ruin you on any given move.

    I wish him success in his chess pursuits.

  18. I played 2 games against it (1 white 1 black) and won easily both times. My rating is pretty close to this bot's rating.

  19. He was trying to fake you out with those early king and queen moves.

  20. The real surprise is that Martin can bench 250 and run a 5.2 40-yard dash.

  21. Mines was 1272 until I realized it was a bot

  22. Wait a minute, guess his chess rating? What is your rating? You've never seen the Bongcloud before?

  23. A day after watching this I just can't shake:
    "Who the F would bongcloud someone twice their rating?? What a jock/joke.. LMAO"

  24. I guess right I also guess Larry rating is 1250

  25. 700. The bongcloud and early queen threw me off. His middle games were off, and neither hit the endgame.

  26. Hmm. Football is a game played with a SPHERICAL ball, where the players KICK the ball (hence the name, FOOTball). Is this the game Larry plays?

  27. Thats not how he plays against me at all ?????

  28. Maybe they changed the bot, but I got thrashed 4 or 5 times before I got a win. He was playing at his stated 1250 rating, and certainly not at 500.

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