HILARIOUS 300 Elo Chess

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  1. imagine you're completely winning and you hear*checkmate dingle

  2. Im 110% sure that CM was pure accident.. 😀

  3. I'm over double their rating and I still play like this half the time.

  4. i cant even beat 400 elo chess when i was beating 1000 i rested for 2 years now i suck

  5. you got deadlocked, i cant stop seeing "gotham chess got dead locked and then the gd level "deadlocked"

  6. gd players are becoming insane rn 💀💀💀

  7. Nobody : Gotham at the start of his video have you ever been kicked in the head by a donkie?

  8. 01:46 This felt like that one XQC clip

    EDIT: Also "Ooga London" had me rollin

  9. The plpot twist at the end made me subscribe. Thanks! haha

  10. as a person with 200 elo, you know how hurtful this is to my soul?

  11. “The king is scared of the queen. He’s a bit of a beta”

  12. @Gothamchess is it sad my only brilliant is in bullet

  13. Still waiting for a "Can you owe Elo?" video.

  14. i don't think anything could have prepared me for that ending

  15. Plot twist the king isn’t scared of the enemy queen, maybe he’s Muslim and knows that another man’s queen is haram… 😝

  16. Not the queen offering itself up to that pawn, and white just not taking it. Im dying

  17. I played against Matin and got 22 Blunders but still won

  18. Lesson of the day- make sure you're king is not at the center

  19. I'm genuinely impressed black found that mate at 300 elo

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