HILARIOUS 300 Elo Chess

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  1. dude stop uploading these i start yt to watch new opening and strategies and I end up watching ur videos about explaining dumb players dumb decisions

  2. Couldn't get who was smarter 🤣😂
    White's check mate was hilarious😂

  3. as a donkey i can confirm i kicked all of your viewers in the head

  4. "Never resign" mindset is absoluetly accurate at this elo tbh

  5. once i made a brilliant and 4 great moves in one game xd

  6. is cocaine cheap af in brazil and germany or what? tf did i just watch? :"D

  7. I'm so sad i also wanted to take with the bishop😢😅

  8. This are the ones in the daily problems’ comments that reply with “ez”

  9. games i see on youtube: 600 elo chess with 20 blunders per game per player
    the games i play: 300 elo with both players having 0 blunders the entire game and most of the moves are excellent/best, 70-80 accuracy, still lost

  10. please teach us how to play end games at 400-6oo ELO

  11. Literally alex is diamond member 😂😂😂

  12. How are they 300 and still got the gm badge ?

  13. King is a Beta, the Rooook is a Simp, Knight is sigma af and Queen is Alpha, Pawns are 9yr old fans, Bishops are Karens.

  14. i would've 100% gotten checkmated that way…

  15. 15:59 Maybe this is my 600 ELO talking, but wouldn’t Ngf5 break that fork? It puts pressure on the queen and defends the rook.

  16. I somehow won to a 734 elo and I was 165 elo how?

  17. I'd delete my account after this. I can't be seen with that kind of Looney Tunes ass bullshit on my record.

  18. As a 300 elo myself I can't believe they played so well

  19. best move during 16:02 was nf5 IT PROTECTS BOTH PIECES AND ATTACKS THE QUEEEN

    please take me into consideration for GM im 400 Elo

  20. Me when l don't resign : gets demolished
    My opponents when they don't resign : unexpected gm level checkmate

  21. How can I send my games to you for making such Vedios? I play on lichess

  22. Me watching this being 300 elo: 👁️👄👁️

  23. im 469 elo and when i played against 300 elo players they do not miss queens and stuff
    so this makes no sense for me

  24. The guy next to me got kick by a donkey, he's okay now, he just has a really bad memory.

  25. I'm rolling in my room with that pawn check mate 😂

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