Hikaru’s Peak Duck Chess Rating (vs Final Boss)

Hikaru invents new theory in Duck Chess to get his highest rating ever


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  1. Such a beautiful view when Hikaru finally has to think like a normal person.

  2. Hikaru is a GOD in chess, the beast. none can compare the speed, he is like a final boss in every stage that you can't beat no matter how I dream it. the GOAT. next to magnus

  3. hikaru when duck is skill + we do a bit of trolling

  4. Hikaru showing his knowledge of advanced quackatics , duckmate and duckzwang . 🙂

  5. Imagine playing Hikaru at chess aahahhahahah

  6. "look @ this amazing diagonal look at these pieces"

  7. I was straight before I met Hikaru

  8. Isn't it often better to put the duck where you don't want your opponent to put it? Hikaru seems to miss that and puts it wherever instead..

  9. i really enjoy eveery content, but im having issues with audio. it's a lil too quiet, so that when i fell asleep watching him peacefully i got surprised by the volume of the ads and woke up:( i hope the editor can fix it!☺️

  10. Really wish Hikaru would take some duck lessons from the duck super GM Rosen.

  11. this is like the 5th duck chess video from hikaru i wanna enjoy but he doesnt explain the rules ever and i dont know them. oh well.

  12. editor, can you please try to sync a bit chat and stream? it looks like the stream is way ahead from the chat

  13. Yeah!!!! We want Erik Rosen vs. Hikaru!

  14. You pretty much have to play like every minor piece can only attack one square away like a pawn. Except for the knights. King and queen are pretty much equal value when it comes to attacking. Only the queen can maneuver better than any piece. Everything attacks like pawns unless you can make 2 simultaneous threats that one duck cannot block.

  15. Something is wrong here. Eric Rosen is the final boss of duck chess.

  16. Might help you to calculate if you imagine 2 ducks on the board, one yours, one your opponents, which can be passed through on your turn, they only "move" when one of you doesn't move it back to the same location, and obviously you can't place your duck on your opponent's duck

  17. In the beginning of the first game, why put the duck on c4 to block Bc4 instead than d3 that block both the bishop and the d pawn??

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