HIKARU Reacts ON Grandmaster describe HIKARU NAKAMURA in one word video | chess memex

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  1. Too bad Kramnik wasn't there. "Interesting".

  2. Magnus is the only one that can say decent

  3. the clip is not funny bcz of magnus…its funny bcz of hikaru's 'ONE WORD' explanation

  4. according to youtube, Chess was made in 2005 lol.

  5. "What is this hair"

    Did he looked at a mirror recently?

    Hikaru is the best GM. Not at chess but as enterneiner

  6. "What is that hair"
    Hikaru: Still has the same hair

  7. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    hair looks the same… am i r/wooosh? not really sure. the hair does look like the same style but better combed maybe…but it looks hikaru was criticising past hikaru's hair STYLE rather than the GROOMING of the particular style

  8. Hikaru: "Wait! I'm weird as a player?!!"
    Also Hikaru: Plays the bongcloud

  9. hikaru really playing magnus his decent on repeat

  10. “I’ve heard about this clip” Immediately says it’s an old clip implying he has seen it lol

  11. you know under those laughs and polite-hysterical demeanor lies a gulf of tears

  12. Hikaru s reaction after topalov is priceless 😀

  13. Morgan Freeman voice: But his hair didn't look much better.

  14. Hikaru trying to covince himself
    "My hair looks much better now…..Yeah my hair looks much better"

  15. Btw Hikaru, regarding Grischuk looking so different. That's what happens when you hit 38 / 39. You've got 4 years of youthfulness left, enjoy it!

  16. Honestly that hair looks better in the clip 😑

  17. Magnus’ “decent” is one of the most savage things I’ve ever heard in my life.

  18. yes after watching this i would say very weird😂

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  20. He should’ve seen that one comment saying “plot twist, they were all talking about how he is in bed”

  21. Nakamura might be laughing at 'Weird' but the 'Decent' from Magnus always cracks me up for some reason 😂

  22. actually his hair looked way better in that video.. in general..
    you should go back to that style i think

  23. This aged well, given the fact Hikaru is now a World Champion

  24. The video of the clipped with describing chess players in bed is way better

  25. how dare you wear a jacket with that dress shirt!

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