Hikaru Nakamura on World Chess Champion


  1. It’s so wholesome to see Hikaru worrying about Ding. It shows that chess players are enemies on the board, but off the board they are all friendly (mostly). I hope Ding regains his form soon!

  2. The guy looks like he has to take a dump mid match and is screwed trying to hold it.

  3. Hope the guys okay. Hasn’t been himself since winning it all. He is no doubt under immense pressure with crushing expectations, viewed at home as a National Hero.

  4. I'm also worried about ding … Magus said it all..

  5. Imagine becoming the world champion but basically no one approves of it and doubts your skill.

    The pressure must be immense.

  6. I hope ding is getting the help he needs. He is seriously in the middle of a huge mental struggle and it's potentially dangerous for his health. I think winning against nepo was the worst thing for him.

  7. Yeah… Ding looks super tense during his games nowadays.

  8. Cant help if he has some sort of psychological breakdown when he won the championship?

  9. Ding needs a little more chilling. He's a humble genius. Sad to see him this way. He definitely needs to hire someone to help calm him down

  10. Ding might actually pull out of the world championship

  11. Actually Ding exhibited these tendencies his whole career as a psychology expert pointed out. They predicted even his choke in the championship (even though Ding still won.)

  12. Why doesn't this Nakamura talk privately with his colleague instead of making those public statements. Completely lacking integrity.

  13. People should at least be considerate all the negativity coming from people that’s all unnecessary Ding is hurting right now his game is off but stop dumping on the guy Give him a break whatever’s going to happen is going to happen I don’t think it’s right to kick someone when they’re down

  14. Colleague? Were they ever in same team, or working together previously actually.

  15. Hope the world champion will be at his peak in the coming world championship match against gukesh

  16. Dude is too worried about that social credit score going down.

  17. Imagine you having the title of the best in the world but no one believes you

  18. i hope ding didnt defend , so hikaru ian and fabi play a tiebreaks to face gukesh

  19. He was like a statu on the board befor no emotion what so ever now that is sad

  20. Ding has pressure from chinese government (CCP)😂😂😂

  21. The only time Hikaru care.. Once he does care for someone, you know something isn't right…

  22. Simple empathy goes a long way and says a lot about you as a person

  23. Anda benar : Ding sedang mengidap gangguan secara mental. Lebih baik dia pulang lebih awal … 🙏

  24. Hope it turns around for you Ding! <3 Good to see people care! Even if it might just be nerves or what ever, its nice to see!

  25. i mean, he's the world champion and from China. There's is probably huge pressure from the home front to do well and who knows what the chinese government will do to him if he doesn't represent China well enough

  26. Now, Kramnik was summoned and i guess he has a theory to those movements and strange vibratin noises. Im sorry, jokes aside, i hope everything okay

  27. It was less common earlier but maybe it is more visible because of the pressure he is going through. He is probably suffering from muscle twiching and shaking due to severe anxiety. I have struggled with it much of my life. But whatever it is, I hope he recovers. Maybe take a long break before WC match otherwise it wont be fun. Much love for Ding

  28. Japanese vs Chinese fight for asiatic Mongoliod reigning of chess

  29. The question is… Will Ding be in shape for the World Championship matches against Gukesh? It is mentally and physically exhausting

  30. Ding's social credit score is plummeting right now.

  31. Probably, Ding himself saw this interview and today was like "dude, what the hell you talking about??" with his revenge on Hikaru himself

  32. CCP been doing all kinds of whack brain experiments on Ding 2.0

  33. Has anyone made the joke mabye the vibration be getting to much for him down there lol.

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