Grandmaster SpeedRuns Chess – Improve At 1000 Rating!

Simon continues his now famous speedrun series, tackling more tricky games on the,
In this video we look at the rating range of 1000-1200 ELO
#speedrun #chess

If you make any timestamps, please share in the comments and we’ll give you credit! 🙂

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Grandmaster Simon Williams is on, improving and learning chess openings with a world record masterclass blitz speedchess speedrun! Increase your rating ELO like Hikaru Nakamura by winning games in style.


  1. 5.09 Ne2 is unsound, as black has …Ne7, blocking the white rook and allowing the black king to escape to d7

  2. I love how you damn GMs just see shit like queen sac mate in 3s in just a few seconds. Lol lovely first game.

  3. Great video ol Simon Ginger Jizz

  4. Incredible series. A great help for someone who plays chess as a hobby but wants to grow beyond 800, like me.

  5. I'm going as Ginger Gm for Halloween. Harry and Barry will be on my shoulders, orange beard and black lion mane.

  6. Another great video saved to watch again and again, until my 2 brain cells understand relearn chess again. Thank you Simon.

  7. You're my new favourite chess channel ginger!

  8. Thanks Simon for this useful video. I love your content and presentation style. I'm in this rating range and the themes you're exploring here are just what I see (and miss) in my own games.
    More, please!👍

  9. Good stuff. That second game was a work of art I must say, really showing the value of patient play.

  10. Lovely stuff , informative and well explained

  11. I no longer receive notifications of Simon's videos, even though I have been subscribed for a long time and selected the 'All' option on the little bell. I used to receive notifications every time. Now I don't get any.

  12. Great video, please do more in this series soon

  13. Please turn off Slack when recording these videos! The notifications make things very confusing watching on a work computer. 😉 Otherwise, cannot fault this video. Great series.

  14. Very nice chess lesson Simon ! Thanks. I like how you stuck with your handle too! Your Nice calming voice to listen to here in the morning is perfect after a couple of big blitz arena all knighters lol.
    I unbelievably nabbed the 2nd place on tiebreaks in 5/0 blitz arena from 1648 players And they weren't all lower rated players.
    Even some of them are playing like bosses. A couple of incredible queen endings !! with much stronger opponents was out of this world. I misplayed and lost a couple of these games but got a draw in 1 even a rook up but my king was trying to escape amazing geometry .Great experiences there but 5/0 is super exhilarating at times. After playing in 3/2 blitz tonight wow much more difficult for me. Was a lot more settled and stodgy feel but accurate moves or death by 2 seconds , was really not as much fun 5/0 tbh but 21 out of/623 for 3/2 aint bad for me 43 years old stroke and motorbike crash survivor, many moons ago. Yes the checkmate chess puzzle book in the hospital jump started my brain to be able to read and write and type again.. very thankfully ..

    I like to use white and red pieces recently as the black pieces keep falling into my blind spots. This new neon pieces helping my board vision . A lot less blunders

    .5 /0 is the highest form of chess and even better online. It was the first main blitz I loved to play over the board back in the day.

    Your standard Neo pieces and green board really suits your style here on this video. Chess .com should introduce fully customizable pieces as long as they resemble each piece obviously. I mean customizable by color option too, as long as they have the same tint and tone.
    Could also have play your own pieces and color MODE would be cool too.

    I like when you get us the viewer exciting by building up to get excited to seek a game straight after your lesson is a good idea. Make an arena 5/0 tourney someday and let us know your fans and followers & subs could join.
    Thanks keep up the great work . If you guys are lucky I can upload 2nd half of Silver finish in the 5/0 arena or in parts from 2 nights ago.
    To think I almost gave up the tourney after 1st couple of losses. And not giving up. The pumping dark techno music really helped with getting back on the horse !!.
    As others start to lose focus in the second hour of arena I start to relax a bit too.
    . Have fun chess . those queen rook and pawn endings Wow !!! thanks !! ( please share your good chess banter everyone ) If you enjoy this typical day in an average adult improver`s chess life. thank you and hope you all find amazing moves too 😀

  15. loving the format, describing each move and ideas behind thanks for your work)
    p.s. these sounds of slack notifications scaring the shit out of me lol

  16. Seem so easy and obvious looking at you playing, not the same when I play!!

  17. In the first game after your Kb1 black can spice things up with a5! The point being that a3 is met by c6 and now axb4 leads to a big plus for black after axb4 and white can't meet the dual threats of bxc3 and Qa5. At a minimum black has opened lines for a dangerous attack while white's kingside attack is still a long way off. This queenside attacking theme surfaced in a recent PowerPlay Chess video in which Magnus (black) beat Nepo rather convincingly. Of course it's a safe bet that a 1000 rated opponent will not work out the correct continuation even if his/her initial impulse is correct. 🙄

  18. Im 2000 blitz and I still love to watch those videos, thank you Simon!

  19. I love chess speedruns, but I also like these "speedruns" as well. More of a walkthrough or a slowrun if that's a word yet. All good stuff, lots to learn and take away from this series. Thanks!

  20. I love this Speedrun Mr Ginger, I'm 1455 rated

  21. I don't know why this guy not have 1M Subs … He surely deserves that… This series is lit 🔥.

  22. When you think you're out, you're in…. when you think you're in, you're out.

  23. Great format! Keep it going Simon! I love that you recently started posting more on YouTube. You will definitely go up in views and subscribers, due to the great content, it's just a matter of time.

  24. You make it look too easy! Great strategic battle plans. Love it!

  25. Could be a good idea make tematic speed run, the same opening to learn some lines, thanks.

  26. Excellent explanations, I've watch tons of chess videos over the past few years and typically I get lost in the reasoning behind certain moves. But the way you explain your logic and thinking has been super useful for me.

  27. The tip about waiting for your opponent to lose games. Super insightful.

  28. My favorite chess streamer thanks for the content Simon

  29. Thanks, Simon for this useful video. I love your content and presentation style.

  30. Love your videos Simon. Put that compliment in your pipe and smoke it son.

  31. Great content. Loving these lower ranked games. Could you please play Black Lion and Dutch against these lower ranked opponents so we can see how they work at this level? (Love your courses!). Was very happy that you the in a Jobava London at the end!!

  32. Why can't any Brits ever pronounce words that begin with "th" properly?! They always use "f" in place of the "th". It's quite annoying!

  33. thanks for the tips this is why i can get better:)

  34. is it normal to have different colour of beard and hair? never seen that before

  35. @GingerGM This video is the perfect speed and perfect coverage of ideas/moves, etc.
    I would find a course (at this speed) where you play the same openings all the way up more valuable (at my level) than some of the more in depth opening courses on your site (or chessable). The reason being – often I find that I know some really good lines (that a great player might play against me) — but I'm not always familiar with some of the earlier places people go wrong. Thanks for the video.

  36. This is great. I really enjoy your explanations during the games. Thanks GGM!

  37. That was fun to watch, Simon. Quite an espacade! 😜

  38. great series, Simon, very educational and just the right time format

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