Grandmaster SpeedRuns Chess – Improve At 1000 Rating!

Simon continues his now famous speedrun series, tackling more tricky games on the,
In this video we look at the rating range of 1000-1200 ELO
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If you make any timestamps, please share in the comments and we’ll give you credit! 🙂

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Grandmaster Simon Williams is on, improving and learning chess openings with a world record masterclass blitz speedchess speedrun! Increase your rating ELO like Hikaru Nakamura by winning games in style.


  1. Simon, Narodistsky and agadmator. How I roll

  2. ok is your beard dyed because that is a breathtaking shade of red

  3. Really great stuff Simon! Though I think you might have been a bit quick to accuse him of being a sore loser. Us 1000s need time to check to see if there is a way out of the tactic, and emotionally process what just happened. Also tbh it's a little bit rich to accuse an opponent of being a sore loser when you tricked him into thinking he was playing someone his own rating. Anyway love the content, thanks for this great vid!

  4. Im annoying by Simon pushing his shit whenever it's possible, but I have to admit that baby loser rant was pretty entertaining 😂

  5. why did he play Kb1 and then h3? doesnt the knight guard a1 anyways? ( in the first game )

  6. Chess has alot to do with remembering when I listen to GM Ginger

  7. Easily the best educational speedrun series out there. Fantastic, patient explanations with genunine respect for the opponent. Loved your explanation on how to deal with hippo-type setups.

  8. in 31:08 instead of exchanging queens Qxd5 is better and both black's central pawns are gone

  9. The speed runs are great, you and Danya are my favourites.

  10. finish on that last game with the king coming in…….. lovely stuff

  11. Great video mister Williams, i will show it and translate it to my nephew who is learning to play and is rated 1000 in rapid on his internet account.

  12. I would love to see some dutch stonewall from you Simon! Thanks for the video. Lots of great tips.

  13. These videos are great. Really well explained, very entertaining. I can't wait until you get up to 1500-1600!

  14. I am already looking forward to the next part of this series.
    Thank you very much again!

  15. Thank you Simon. You keep the fun in chess. So important. Love your work

  16. What about speed run at level 600 or should I just find another hobby?

  17. 1. When tension between pawns in centre, respond in the way that restricts your opponents pieces the most and allows yours to move more freely
    2. Don’t put your pieces in opponents territory without thinking it through
    3. Stop doing artificial attacks (think about the best responses to your moves)
    4. Assess your pieces and try to exchange with opponent’s better pieces.
    5. Attack fianchetto’d bishops with king castled by advancing h,g pawn
    6. Accept queen exchange when up a pawn

  18. More of these lower levels please. Really useful

  19. Really helpful Simon thankyou! I am around this rating level and see a lot of my own mistakes in the opponents you are playing…you illuminate useful principles to follow and why they are important

  20. Simon, I love how you talk through the ideas. You’re an excellent instructor. Greetings and a new subscription from Nova Scotia.

  21. Great content mate, are you about to make an around 1500 rating speedrun?

  22. Thank you Simon. I find your instruction clear and valuable. You have an excellent relatability, which is hard to find in other players of your standing.

  23. Best explanation from any GM I’ve ever seen

    From a fellow ginger thank you my good Sir 👍

    Ps. That mate in the first game with the Queen sac was so cool

  24. We are so fortunate to live in a time when 4, influential and great chess players each post amazing and similar chess content, such as demonstrating the highs and lows of progressing through chess elo.

  25. Subbed – this is insane content. I love Daniel Naroditskys speed run and have watched every single one of his videos, and I can truly say you are just as good at teaching and explaining your thought process, really good teacher. hope to see more of these style videos

  26. How can you talk so much and play beautifully! To be honest, every word you said is so helpful for beginners. I sometimes get lost with some of other you tubers with their explanation. I always thought I was not good enough to follow them. In fact, you are the best at teaching chess. Thank you without end. 😍

  27. Simon, a little late to the party perhaps, but I think you might be the champ when it comes to explaining things for us mere mortals. As a GM I know you're dumbing it down, but that is such an appreciated talent. I love Gotham, and I appreciate the seriousness of Dan Heisman, but you hit it pitch perfect. That's it, just wanted to share the love.

  28. These getting jebaited is so funny 😂 😂 I'm also 1000

  29. I enjoy Simon's explanations very much as he makes it simple for lower level player like me to be able to follow even though he is a Grandmaster.

  30. Ginger GM: "he played very well for his rating"
    His brain: "bad game bro"

    Edit: love your series man, very inspired! I got up to rating 1600 because of your simplified explanations

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