GMHikaru reacts to The history of the top chess players over time

Original Video – Abacaba



  1. nothing to do with the video, but why has Hikaru never even made it to a Candidates Event let alone be world champ? Just curious. I'm a newly minted chess fan

  2. “Who is this guy”
    Literally fucking Petrov I thought he was trolling

  3. 5:52 Mir Sultan Khan 7th ranked player in the world. Boy could he have done things with chess

  4. 👏where👏was👏Beth👏Harmon👏

  5. The towering hardware emphatically notice because illegal genetically correct atop a zesty garden. best, parallel flight

  6. I didn't know or think that Najdorf was from my country!

  7. It looked to me like it went up and instantly down again.

  8. The first to break 2800 in the video is Jose Capablanca at 2:56(in og vid). Funnily enough Instantly after Emanuel Lasker also gets above 2800 and beats him (although it was only for 2months).

  9. 2:55 The numbers that you think of would be average. It was pretty common to see some people get 80+ the average is only so low because of low hygiene standards wars, and no way to save people that got sick leading to a lot of very young deaths.

  10. Bobby was basically like a Supergiant star lol, erupted in a supernova and vanished.

    Kasparov’s longevity is crazy.

  11. Even in the chat of chess streamers you find “simp” every time a woman is mentioned and you fail to insult her… it’s a sad world we live in 😂

  12. Chess players know nothing outside outside of chess. Fucking hilarious

  13. People who could play chess back in the day were probably not your average peasant, and lower life expectancies is mainly due to lots of infant mortality.

  14. If Fischer and Morphy had played decades longer, they can change the history of chess significantly

  15. Petroff/Petrov actually died at age 69 I saw it on the graph

  16. @2:03 "yeah Staunton very good chess player by the way drops 50 rating

  17. My biggest question is where was Beth Harmon

  18. 2:34 life expectancy was around 45 because so many babies died super young. If you made it past your early years even 80 was not unheard of. The reason life expectancy has gone up so drastically in the past few centuries is the hugely increased infant survival rate

  19. “In 1997 I was only ten years old, I was not that good at chess, I was only 2200”

    Ok, I see how it is (goes and cries in 800)

  20. Botvinnik etc were not representing Russia but the USSR – odd mistake

  21. Probably the fall of points in the early 1900s for Lasker was because he took a break from chess to work in his Mathematics PHD.

  22. It’s not a flex guys when I was 10 I was only 2,200 gosshhhh

  23. Seeing Wesley So in this list at the 14 minute mark with the Philippine flag 🇵🇭 makes me really sad. I'm glad where he is now considering that my country's sports commission didn't supprt him but looking back, it still makes me sad 😢

  24. Hikaru did come 2nd for a split second, If you change the mode to 0.25 playback speed, you can see that Hikaru Nakamura was 2nd for a split second

  25. "in other games like League, NA is not very good" XD

  26. Hikaru actually was number 2 according to fide at one point in time

  27. Can we talk about how at 3:00 Paul is 18 but he has been the number 1 chess player for five and a half years

  28. I understand he wants to use modern flags but afaik during cold war period chess was very political so you really should use ussr flag for players like Mikhail Tal

  29. "Laugh it up" while sitting on Morphy's picture is pricesless. Dudes haircut was a bowl mullet

  30. What does it mean when literally every single person has their EDO drop? Does that mean the entire field is collectively stronger and thus better able to keep any one of them from rising to the top? Or are there weaker players who are rising in their abilities who bring the average down by beating everyone, but still not good enough to totally dominate?

  31. What i learned: if your name starts with v then you will be a top 10 rated chess player

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