GMHikaru reacts to The history of the top chess players over time

Original Video – Abacaba



  1. It's crazy how all these players influence the way we play chess today.

  2. “In 1855 I thought you lived to be like 45 or something”

    Depends where you live, and if you were born there, or brought there. Lol

  3. LMAO Hikaru thinking NA is best right now is hilarious. The US has like 10 good players most of which just changed federation there at some point and aren‘t even American themselves. Europe is still by far the best although especially India looks very good when it comes to youngsters.

    Still for now Europe is still the name of the game. Especially also if you look outside of the top 100 and at how many titled players there are overall. Like Germany alone has more titled players than the US. Apart from that handful of really good players in NA there‘s really noone there

  4. “I was 10 years old back then I wasnt that good at chess. I was 2200”
    – Hikaru 2021

  5. what are the average Elos of people seeing this comment? I’m 1700 @18

  6. 1855 I thought you lived to be. 45 or something….

    Brother in Christ god above help us all this guy is a gem chess player but his knowledge of basic history is literally in the gutter…

  7. Around 1900 you asked why the curves go down. My guess is due to the number 3 and 4 player spiking upwards around the time. There has to be some balance at the top so the 3 and 4 player were winning a lot those years and the top two were losing. Complete guess but the graph is logical in some way

  8. I can’t believe a streamer made it to the top 10!

  9. Absence of soviet flag and all those soviet GMs being "russian" is a complete nonsense. Also Kasparov is Azerbaijani, not Russian, even if we accept absence of USSR. But otherwise a very good video.

  10. I love looking at thire names cuz they often have an opening named after them

  11. what happened to Mecking? He was the 3rd best in the world in the 70s, but the highest he got on this list was the 6th place, as a Brazilian, I felt extremely offended.

  12. He said China was going to past North America eventually, now that’s becoming more and more true

  13. Hikaru realise he is old is just gold

  14. They have great rating but no one can match mikhail tal sacrifise

  15. It’s really interesting because a lot of players were 2850s, like Magnus in the same decade

  16. Διονύσης Ελευθερίου says:

    Bobby will remain the biggest what if in history .People dont understand how much better he was compared to his competition .Even with the biggest gap in the graph , that shows only part of the truth . GOAT

  17. Jose Raul capablanca I see that his the 1st to reach 2800

  18. Today is 4th of june 2023 Hikaru just hit number to again by winning a match in the norway chess tournament. Congratulations Hikaru

  19. Watching this after Hikaru returns to world no. Two on 4th June 2023

  20. Anyone here after Hikaru won Norway Chess 2023?

  21. funny getting recommended this again after he has once again returned to world rank #2 on june 9 2023 after finishing first in norway chess, beating fabiano in the last game.

  22. 6:20 "this is such an imperialist Russian music" that aged well

  23. the low live expectancy in past days is a result of very high childrens mortality. the people also reached 60+

  24. Isn't ELO relative to your cohort of opponents? I doubt Morphy is a 2700 by today's standards. I would say more 2500

  25. 7:47 Bobby just broke the chart. its really a shame he didnt play for longer…

  26. Wow i dont even know the history of chess 😜 xD rawr

  27. I'm sure some already saw that well mostly .. but the first to pass the 2800 was Capablanca by feb-mar 1915 around 5:14 in the video

  28. Bro said “died at 69???” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 bursted out laughing

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