GM Hikaru Ranks the Legends, the GOATs, the Theorists | Tier Maker: Greatest Chess Players

GM Hikaru Nakamura and IM Levy Rozman, aka @GothamChess discuss the games and rank the legends, goats and theorists from Nimzowich to Carlsen to Kasparov to Anand.

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  1. Thanks Hikaru for giving Anand the respect. You are a true legend Hikaru.

  2. This list is just pure trash. Anand is never a GOT and a Akiba is never so much behind.

  3. Where is Lékó Péter?? World nr. 4 and World Champion Candidate. He won the Dortmund Sparkassen, Linares and Wijk Aan Zee. He should have a place here.

  4. putting anand on top was a profitting move for hikaru….atleast !!!!

  5. Anand God of Chess Indians let’s watch Anand becoming god of chess

  6. Hikaru : if I put Carlsen in GOAT tier, then I played and sometime win the game against the GOAT himself

  7. “IM stands for IM A FAN” i snorted in my coffee

  8. Damn. I came here to listen about my chess hero Anand 😁😍

  9. Great video. 53min of Americans butchering other peoples’ names. 😆

  10. I live in a corner of the country of India and I still remember when I was just 10 years old and Aanand became the world champion. Only because of this Chess became a part of my childhood

  11. 9:42 the fact that Hikaru knows about Pro Wrestling is so cool🔥🔥🔥

  12. Dear Mr.Hikaru I came here to tell you that I didn't fall for your CLICK BAIT, but because I can't write this comment without clicking the video I clicked it, congratulations you baited me, anyway I watched the video to the end 😑.

  13. Hikaru has learned the art of thumbnails😂😂

  14. 21:10 after Bd6 its draw 😀 Qxa1 Ke2 Qb2! and there is nothing white can do, rook is hanging, so Bxc5 Qxc2 and take on c5. So Wilhelm Steinitz was correnct. No idea what engine Levi is using but must be insanely good compared to mine 😀 (Rc1 is met by g6)

  15. The immense respect Hikaru has for Bobby is heartwarming ❤️

  16. well thank goodness we have the opinions of overrated past their prime chess hasbeens…

  17. 10:18 – Well India is the birthplace of Chess. Such sports declined due to socio-political upheavals for more than a millennium and now with good prize money in domestic and international tournaments, they will see a rise in the number of players.

  18. "I don't know a lot about Akiba"
    Proceeds to know a lot of Akiba

  19. *World best
    *Galazy best

    i would add those, lol.

  20. I like the idea of replaying the immortal game

  21. Hikaru: Actually that’s around the time that the great uh u uh archduke, uh archduke of the hungro, uh hungro australian? Uh Australian, uh hungry hungry hippo? was killed, beginning world war 1…
    …I’m a historian

  22. why are you guys named some players by their FIRST name and others by their last name? so stupid. no wonder Levy didn't recognised legendary and undisputed – Alexander Alekhine

  23. Levy looks high with those eyes so wide open the entire time

  24. This is brutal! Hikaru is such a jealous little man. Put's himself in God tier with Magnus and Kasparov? Give your head a shake.

  25. Putting Anand beside the real god of Chess, Bobby Fisher is an insult to the game of chess. Anand is great and lucky but no where close to god of chess.

  26. Hikaru can literally have a conversation with himself for hours

  27. I have to admit a preference for the Evergreen game over the Immortal game for play and aesthetics.

  28. Feels bad for Alekhine he got smothered not by a horse but a chiken

  29. I that Evergreen Game, white only captured three black pawns. Nothing else.

  30. Levy calling Fabi "Undisputed #1 contender" is the same as saying "Best player not named Magnus."
    But they should have had a "Great" tier. Without lucky or unlucky.

  31. There are to many GODS of Chess, it can only be ONE God of Chess, so it makes no sense. Most of the God should be undisputed.

  32. i'm sorry but i feel like hikaru's opinion on magnus was biased maybe he's still hurt he lost to him couple of times lmao

  33. there is no fucking country name israel

  34. Wasn't Rubinstein the one Sultan Khan couldn't beat?

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