Get Beyond 1000 Rating and Relax ♔ ASMR Chess for improvement and sleep

How to improve from novice to 1000+ rating in chess.

big thanks to FredTheHumanBishop, Night and Bilou! Also a big thanks to all my other amazing patrons!


  1. "Your army trusts you"My army after my 5th move: "aight ima head out"

  2. jk going to sleep, thanks for coming in clutch!

  3. I love your vids. They always make me so relaxed and are super convenient with the upload times for my terrible sleep schedule

  4. If you can help me get that high, you are truly a master! Time to start trying, though I will admit it's a little daunting.

  5. Legit get excited when I see your vids pop up. The production value is increasing at every upload 👍🏼

  6. Although I am beyond 1000 I‘m still gonna watch it. Love your videos

  7. I hit 1500 for the first time thanks to your videos! Also definitely still the best ASMR content on the platform, no doubt.

  8. I love how immersive your videos are!


    *me, instantly*: "they really shouldn't"

  10. A footnote in the Queen's Gambit is that if Black develops the light squared bishop to f5 (getting out of the pawn chain in a London sort of style) or g4 (pinning the knight on f3), you can easily punish either of these moves and gain a serious advantage out of the opening. If anyone wants to analyze, I started from the line: 1. d4 d5 2. c4 (Bf5/Bg4), but it's also a suboptimal move in the Slav and many other d4 d5 positions, I'm sure.

  11. First hikaru winning grand prix now ma dawg uploading new video. Goddamn today is gonna be good day. 😳😳

  12. I came here looking for relaxation, and I found art

  13. started watching when i had 500 elo, now im 950+. this video came at the perfect time ☺️

  14. This video is worth over $100 of beginner Chessable courses. Thank you!

  15. Lmao what was that intro. Felt like a wignat twitter edit. Kinda epic tho

  16. I’m always genuinely excited whenever you post, and this video is no exception! Keep up the great work

  17. Accidentally clicked a pampers add while watching the intro and it made it slightly less badass

  18. probably one of your best videos so far, and ive watched almost all of them. Great work!

  19. It’s obvious you run this channel because you love chess and you are passionate about teaching it, great vid as always

  20. Maybe one day i'll be able to beat Stockfish on level 1

  21. It’s like you’re reading my mind. I’ve been tryin to get better and this just shows up! Perfect! Also that intro WAS AWESOME!?! Your production value is nuts. THANK YOU

  22. When I saw the knights at the start my mind immediately went to Monty Python and the holy grail

  23. thats such a nice video as always. Congrats!

  24. I'm 1364 but your analysis are so amazing that I've watched the whole video, love your content man, keep it up

  25. Haha!!! I’m I the only one ho got SO surprised about the intro?

  26. Ok. Definitely worth 2+ weeks or however long

  27. Perfect timing! I just hit 1000 elo 😁

  28. Wow man you went all out with this video. Great work

  29. Amazing intro. Also I’ve been wondering. Do you do any gaming??

  30. Yesss, break me out of these chains lol

  31. got the notifications of a new asmr chess episode and it made my day!

  32. The way you talk about the pieces as if they were alive makes your videos very feel good, each of them having jobs and desires

  33. I am so excited to watch this when I get home🙀🙀🙀

  34. Great Video. I'm 2100 Lichess so maybe not an instructive video for me, but still fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

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